Coach's War Club Training Fungo Bat

  • Length: 33", Weight: 19 oz.
  • Hundreds of Easy Swings Without Trying
  • A Fungo Bat Available in 3 colors

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  • Perfect For All Ground Ball & Fly Ball Drills
  • Lighter & Shorter For Easy Swings
  • Increase Your Hitting Accuracy & Distance


How The Coach's War Club Training Bat Can Help You

The #1 Tool Every Youth Coach Needs - But Doesn't Have Is A Fungo Training Bat.

Fungo Bat

What makes sense about a grown adult coach hitting infield, pop flies or a pre game workout with the same bat his players use? NOTHING!

What Do Pro, College & High School Coaches Use?

A Fungo Bat!

What Is A Fungo Training Bat And Why Use It?

A fungo bat is a long, skinny bat specifically designed to only hit a tossed ball for infield and outfield practice as well as pre game drills. It is very light, so coaches can hit hundreds of balls very accurately without getting tired! A player's bat can range from way too small to too heavy and tiring, depending on the age group.

So What's The Big Deal with this New COACHES WAR CLUB Training Bat?

Most fungo bats are really long; around 36 to 37 inches. Frankly many coaches find them hard to hit.

The COACHES WAR CLUB is 3-4 inches shorter. Additionally, it weighs less than 20 oz . . .

It's Amazingly Short - Light - Easy to Swing!

In Summary

If you don't have one… pick your team color and buy one now!

Additional Information

Area of Focus Fielding

Why Use It?

Why Hit With A Fungo Training Bat

The idea of a fungo bat is really quite simple. Coaches hit hundreds and indeed thousands of infield & outfield ground balls and fly balls. What sense would it make to hit with a heavier bat than you need?

A 30 oz. or perhaps a 31 oz. game bat has got to be more tiring, more difficult and less accurate than repeatedly hitting with a much lighter and quicker fungo bat! Hitting with a young kid's aluminum bat with one or two hands looks silly and is just plain wrong!

I designed our Coaches War Club to a more practical size and length than even the best Big Brand (and more expensive) fungo bat on the market. And frankly, I have not seen any fungo bat for less money that I would buy for any use other than firewood!

Our Coaches War Club is 33" long but weighs only 19 oz! Additionally, it is so whippy that you can slice the air, cut the ball and do about any trick you would like is that well balanced! But more importantly, you can ACCURATELY hit hundreds of balls in a practice and not be totally exhausted.

And what a pleasure it is to hit with's extremely easy to learn and hit, plus it should last you for many seasons!

If you coach infielders, you will want to check out our money saving combo offer that includes our fielder's pancake glove. This glove has a completely flat surface yet you wear it like any traditional glove. Players are forced to use two hands. It is an easy way to emphasize how important it is for players to move their feet to get to and behind hit or thrown balls!

Remember what I call infielders with slow hands and feet. OUTFIELDERS!