King Kong Net - Huge 7' x 8' Catch Net

  • Good entry level catch net
  • Bungee cord design... allows for flex
  • Spring-flex corners for strength
  • For softball, baseball, & whiffle golf

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  • Fiberglass Frame Adds Strength and Flexibility
  • Spring-Flex and Bungee Design Assembles Fast
  • 1" Netting is Strong & Long Lasting
  • Metal Stakes Provide Necessary Support


home run cage front view

7' x 8' Hitting & Pitching King Kong Catch Net

Introducing one of the largest and easiest hitting and pitching nets on the planet. The King Kong Net boasts the revolutionary Spring-Flex corner design for maximum strength and flexibility. Durable fiberglass frame sections and bungee cord features makes this catch net quick and easy to set-up and take-down. With the strong 1" poly netting the King Kong Net is perfect for baseball or golf use. Works great with the Scorpion Soft Toss Machine because King Kong can catch anything.


  • 7' x 8' net surface
  • 1" Poly Netting
  • Metal ground stakes for support
  • Recommended Ages: 6 years to Adult
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Use with Mini Lite-Balls, Lite-Balls, Baseballs, or Softballs
What JP Says about the King Kong Net - Huge 7' x 8' Catch Net

Every player wants and needs a place to practice & play right in the backyard (lets not call it "working on your game" especially to the younger players). The simplest tool for any age player with a smaller backyard is to have something that you can hit or pitch into... a baseball catch net.

This brand new King Kong Net is large enough to save some endangered windows and parked cars, yet stakes into the ground so it takes up little precious backyard space! AND, it's tough enough to leave outdoors for periods of time (yes, store it indoors to help it to last even longer).

Here's Some Catch Net Uses & Ideas

For Pitchers - Use it daily to practice new pitches (I always have pitchers throw into a large target, typically a catch net when working with new pitches or grips so that it doesn't frustrate them trying to hit a small catchers mitt... its tough enough for pitchers to be accurate when throwing their best pitches... why torture them when they are trying to learn new pitches, right?

For Fielders - Have dad or coach hit you ground balls from standing aside of the King Kong Catch Net. You then field and throw into the net instead of back to the coach... Saves time and adds many more reps of fun. Same can be done with pop flies if you have the room!

For Hitters - Make a Batting Tee Station by adding one of our many awesome batting tees. Ever wanted you very own solo hitters soft toss station? Combined with our inexpensive Scorpion Soft Toss Machine and you have a complete portable soft toss batting station right in your own backyard!

Remember, you will never get enough swings or throws in a practice or game... at least not enough to get you where you might want to go or where your talents can be maximized... and that, as always is the truth!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Catch Net Height 8'
Catch Net Width 7'
Net Material Polyethylene