Defensive Drills DVD - USA Softball ASA

Defensive Drills DVD from ASA Softball
  • Prepare Your Defense Like The Pros
  • Keep Your Defense In Tune
  • Learn Proper Technique

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  • Running Time: 48 Minutes
  • Great for all ages


How The DVD USA Softball Defensive Drills Can Help You

What if your team could practice its defensive skills using the same techniques as the best players in the nation?

In this session, the USA National Team will show you which drills they use to hone their defense in preparation for world-class competition. You won't just learn how they use their arms and gloves, you'll also see how they communicate and work together to make the tough plays and execute a seamless, error-free defense.

Softball-Tips would like to...

Congratulate head coach Mike Candrea and his University of Arizona Wildcats, winners of the 2007 Women’s College World Series!

How good is this coach?

Though eliminated by U of Alabama in the 8th game of the College World Series… they still compiled a 41-19 record…not too shabby!

Note: With the loss to Alabama, Arizona failed to reach the Championship game for the first time while defending one of their eight national championships.

What JP Says about the Defensive Drills DVD - USA Softball ASA

The DVD format allows you to easily view all aspects of catching using chapter headings which allow you to easily skip forward & backward... a great tool!

Additional Information

Author USA National Team
Running Time 48 Minutes
About the Coach <img src="/path/to/mike-candrea.jpg" alt="Coach Mike Candrea" /> <p>A lot of coaches know the game. Coach Candrea has the uncanny ability to teach and translate so that you really understand it. Utilizing a straight-forward and conversational style, he
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