Pitcher's Pad Pitching Target

  • Now Includes: Accuracy Training Plan, Advanced Training Plan, Fastball Plan, Off-Speed Plan, Pitch Chart!… Priceless!
  • Hangs from Fence, Cage or Wall
  • A Pitching Target for Beginners to College Pitchers
  • Weather Resistant - Use Inside or Out
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  • Players & coaches relate to clockface numbers
  • Now includes FREE bonus charts & 2 training programs


Hitting Is About Timing & Balance
Pitching Is About Destroying Hitters Timing & Balance

Changing the hitter’s eye-level by accurately throwing to the different parts of the strike zone… and at differing speeds is unbelievably important… and more time needs to be spent here so the hitters won’t see your “same pitch” twice.

Master control of your existing pitches well before you try picking up that next dazzling pitch with movement…that’s what will get you to the next level, no matter what level that is!
Watch as your accuracy & focus quickly improve with our Pitching Pad pitching target.

What JP Says about the Pitcher's Pad Pitching Target

Not Just A Pitchers Catch Net But A Pitchers Target
For Beginners – Let’s start by getting them pitching within the grey strike zone…then move them to hitting the 4 color coded quadrants. Pitching takes a long time to master so lets not ruin their confidence by having them just pitch to the catchers mitt or the most difficult numbers on this Pitchers Pad…Its hard enough for accomplished pitchers to bring their A Game to each outing…so lets make it easier for them to learn while they are younger… then, we can use The Pitching Pad pitching target to test them even more by utilizing the colored-coded areas… then advancing by pitching to the numbers themselves from the advanced advanced training bonus

Remember- Always consider a building block approach in any aspect of teaching or learning fastpitch.
’s put them in a position to succeed. After all, younger players who throw to the strike zone are who those who get to pitch!

Start by simply throwing inside of the gray rectangle that defines the official strikezone, then move on, adjusting by hitting the individual colored quadrants.

For Advancing Youth Pitchers – Players who keep the ball down (farther from the hitters eye-level & lower in the strikezone) will get the most opportunities and successes!

Start by simply throwing to the individual colored quadrants outlined in the bonus programs.

For Older, Advanced Pitchers of Any Age! – So much importance is and should be on pitching at this level. Pitchers with a solid, repeatable delivery who can keep hitters off balance and inducing them to swing weakly now become of paramount value. They must consistently locate and have movement on all their pitches.

It’s about fine tuning existing pitches and maybe breaking out new ones at this level.
Adjust between the accuracy and advanced training bonuses as you need them!

Remember, Pitching Is All About

And in that order… learn this NOW or later so no more agonizing about your velocity…that is more about training and continuing to work on and clean up your mechanics…and will come in time…and with your dedication and time.
Location, location, location…1st!

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