Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine!

  • Perfect for Pre-Game or Backyard Batting Practice!
  • A Great Pitching Machine for ALL Age Players!
  • Portable & Mobile; Includes Rechargeable Battery!
  • Holds 50 Golf Size Wiffleballs - Swing Every 6 Seconds!
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  • Get The Swings You Aren’t Getting At Practice Right In Your Backyard
  • Set It On Any Camera Tripod, Turn It On & Swing
  • Thousands Of Quality Swings In A Small Space
  • A Fun Way To Improve Your Bat Speed - Increase Your Hard Contact

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The Personal Pitcher pitching machine is the most affordable and practical means to becoming a better hitter. Mounted on a standard camera tripod, the Personal Pitcher can be used inside or outside all year round! It holds up to 48 golf-sized wiffle balls. The small balls force the hitter to concentrate on seeing the ball. This pitching machine even has a light that tells the hitter when the ball is ready to be pitched, allowing the hitter to take a stride - something most pitching machines don't easily allow. The Personal Pitcher fits the theory, "All you need is 25 feet and enough area to swing a bat." 

It has 4 adjustable speeds: 20 (soft toss), 35, 45, 55+ mph.
Previous models had only two pitch speeds.

What JP Says about the Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine!

How Can Our Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine Help You?

Kids Don’t Swing Enough!

A typical 90 minute practice may have a 60 minute batting practice. 12 kids and 60 minutes… and each player gets 5 minutes of swings. Really? And you expect to get really good with 5 minutes hitting balls at 6 second intervals? 30 swings per practice is not going to get it done just as 5 minutes of practicing anything once or twice a week won’t get anyone to improve enough at any sport, school activity or musical instrument.

Solve Your Problem By Adding A Ton Of Backyard Fun With Our Personal Pitcher!

It’s inexpensive, safe enough for many younger players, gives players thousands of swings they may not get elsewhere and only requires a small space! Just stand around 22 feet away from the machine, adjust the speed and get to it. Take one big step closer and watch that same speed “smoke” the fastball by your player…so you won’t outgrow it, for sure!

But Here’s Why It Really Works

It’s really fun and kids love it. The manufacturer sent me a unit years ago and my own 13 yr old took it out to our big front yard and it became his absolute favorite batting practice… and we have 34 pitching machines of various sizes and prices. It didn’t take me long to see why. He could hit and hit without stopping to reload, he could use one of our lightweight skinny bats to really test himself and he didn’t have to chase balls that landed 200 or more feet away (you know how boring that gets, especially if you don’t have a large amount of balls).

So There You Go

Have some inexpensive fun and watch your kids have a blast with our Personal Pitcher pitching machine. We have sold hundreds of the Standard Personal Pitcher and now that the Pro Curveball Personal Pitcher has been reduced in price, more now purchase it for its ability to throw fastballs and RH or LH curveballs.


If you don’t have a standard camera tripod, consider our money saver packages that include everything you will need including extra balls and a lightweight net that you can hang in places like your garage door opening or from your basement ceiling. The package differences are simply different by adding your choice of the Standard or Pro Curveball Model!


"My daughter and the entire girls fast-pitch team are enjoying the Personal Pitcher. A number of coaches have expressed interest, and I have lent it out on several occasions.”

Tom Gargiulo, Sterling, VA

"Impressive machine!! Possibly the best batting training aid on the market!"

Mark Wyatt, Shafter HS Coach, Bakersfield, CA.

"GREAT PRODUCT! The three kids want to use it all the time. It works for all our hitters age 10-18."

Lou Cantu, Park Forest, IL.

"I've been coaching at the Pony level for several years. My son is 16 and he's been using the machine everyday since I got it and the difference in his mechanics is unbelieveable! I am very satisfied with your product and have been showing it to my coaching buddies."

Jim Lamb, Covina, CA

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Endorsements Former MLB Player, Chris Richard (Baltimore Orioles, Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay)
Battery Life 4 Hours
Maximum Pitching Speed 55 MPH
Pitch Type Standard model fastball only, Pro model fastball and curve ball
Power Supply Battery Pack
Ball Capacity 48 Golf Whiffle Ball
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball and Baseball
Feeder Yes

What You Get

Your Purchase Includes

  • FREE pair of Batting Gloves ($25 Value) with any Personal Pitcher order.
  • Your Purchase Includes
  • 2 Dozen Balls
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 4 Hour Battery
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Quad Pitch Speed: 55/45/35/20 mph

How fast does it throw?

Up to 55 MPH, but the effective speed is determined by the distance the batter stands from the machine, typically 18-20 feet. At this distance the speed is equivalent to a 70-85 MPH pitch from 60 feet. The batter can move closer as her skills improve.

How accurate is it?

Every pitch is in the strike zone, within a 14-inch diameter from 18 feet away, unless it is a windy day.

What kind of balls are used and how long will they last?

Each Personal Pitcher comes with balls made by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. They are the best quality and should last well over one year. Most golf ball sized poly balls will work.

How far do the balls travel after being hit?

It depends on the level of the hitter. The best hitters will be able to hit the ball about 100 feet. Most hitters will hit them 40-60 feet.

What does my warranty include?

All parts and labor for one year. The defect will be fixed and returned by the manufacturer within 1-2 days at no charge.

How do I recharge the battery and how long does it take? Can I over charge it?

Simply plug the machine into the wall with the battery properly installed and it will recharge itself. It takes about one hour for each hour of use. The battery does not have a memory, so it should not lose capacity for many years.

How heavy is the Personal Pitcher?

A fully loaded box (w/ 4 dozen balls, tripod and battery) weighs approximately 7 lbs.

Can I use my own tripod?

Yes, the Personal Pitcher will mount on any standard tripod.

What about the net included with some of our packages?

The 40' x 14' net is a simple rectangular piece of lightweight netting. It is designed to simply & inexpensively contain stray balls if you are using it in a limited-space area. Many like it during cold weather where space is limited too. It includes no cage or frame.

The major uses of it are:

  • Hung in a garage door opening with "cup hooks" found at hardware stores.
  • Hung from a basement ceiling with "cup hooks" found at hardware stores.
  • Hung between trees using rope or bungee cords.
  • Draped over a portable shade canopy, forming an inexpensive batting cage - see below.

History of the Personal Pitcher

From the Little League....       to Major League

Chris Richard at 14 Chris Richard with the Baltimore Orioles

In 1988, 14-year old Chris Richard begged his Dad to get him a pitching machine he could use in the backyard. He could never get enough batting practice, and being of small stature, he knew that in order to make the high school junior varsity team, he would have to make a good impression at the plate. The batting cages were inaccessible, and too expensive anyway, so dad began a search for a pitching machine.

Chrisbecame the first user of his father's invention, the Personal Pitcher. He hit a home run on his first pitch in AAA for Memphis and hit the first major league pitch he saw for a home run on July 17, 2000 with the St. Louis Cardinals. Chris still uses the Personal Pitcher 3 times a week in the off-season to keep his swing sharp.

Shortly after his Cardinals debut, Chris was traded to the Baltimore Orioles, where he hit 15 home runs and had 61 RBI's in 136 games in 2001. After three years with Baltimore, Chris moved on to the Colorado Rockies in 2003, but shoulder surgery forced him to miss most of that season and all of 2004. Chris was signed by the Texas Rangers in 2005 and spent the season with the team's Triple-A affiliate in Oklahoma City.

Chris moved on to play for the Durham Bulls in the Tampa Bay organization where he spent some very productive years and finally being recalled for part of one season.

I got to see Chris play in Charlotte and witnessed him being the best player on the field that day, leading his team to a division pennant! He is now happily retired back in SanDiego building the Personal Pitcher brand and enjoying his new, young family... A job well done! 

Chris Richard at Bat Chris Richard Swinging Chris Richard Hits the Ball

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