2 Way Pro Lute Rake Deep Tine Side & Scarifier Side

2 Way Pro Lute Rake
  • Saw-tooth design makes this tool ideal for breaking-up and grading soil and top dressing
  • Magnesium/aluminum head with strong wrap around bracing
  • 82" powder-coated handle connected to head with solid metal plug
  • 30" Wide
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Here's what you need for breaking up and grading soil and top dressing: the Pro Lute Rake. Features a simple sawtooth design with a magnesium/aluminum head and strong wrap-around bracing that supply the necessary sturdiness and strength to maintain your ball field. Powder-coated 82" handle connects to the head with a durable solid metal plug. Bring out the Pro Lute Rake, and those bothersome clumps and clods don't stand a chance.

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