Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake

  • All Aluminum
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • 58" Handle Length
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How Our Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake Can Help You

This rake is standard pro field equipment. The large size head is perfect for the entire infield and will speed up daily maintenance of bases & basepaths, plus batter's box and mound work.

The 58" long vinyl-gripped aluminum handle and 3" beveled sharp-edged teeth on one side and a flat leveling reverse side allows for one tool to handle two daily chores!

The rake is made from a solid, one piece aluminum brace fastened to the strong field rake head with solid aluminum rivets. It features an extruded aluminum head with flanged top for scraping and leveling.

What JP Says about the Aluminum Field Maintenance Rake

A Rake Is A Rake…but some last longer!

These rakes are a bit better than most I’ve found and the price is good. They are lightweight to use but seem to stay together longer…just don’t use them to tamp down infield and homeplate dirt! Choose your size but 36” wide are our best sellers.  You can also check out our 2 sided rakes for with one side of tougher, shorter tines for scarifying and other infield tasks.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details Pro Rated Warranty - though we have not had one returned as of this writing!
In Stock
Price From: $55.99
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