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The Armed & Ready Program | Throwing Program For Softball

Jaeger Softball Throwing Program
    Learn Proper Phases of Arm Exercises  
  • Arm Circles - warms the smaller shoulder muscles
  • Surgical Tubing - to stretch & strengthen
  • Throwing Mechanics - staying safe & getting strong
  • Long Toss - the centerpiece of this program
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An Overview | About The Armed And Ready Program

It is a systematic throwing program designed to help players & their coaches to understand what steps must be taken to develop & sustain a strong, durable, accurate and injury-free arm. 

Thrive on Throwing Volume 2 - The DVD

This is the easy to follow knowledge behind the brain of pitching guru extraordinaire Alan Jaeger & Jimmy Vatcher of Jaeger Sports. It's your way forward if you are serious about playing Fastpitch Softball at a high level. The health and longevity of your arm is your lifeline as a ball player. This video will take you through every step of Alan Jaeger's innovative Arm, Health, Strength and Conditioning Program.  

Learn to strengthen your arm by strengthening the smaller muscles (rotator cuff) in your shoulder, which are so vulnerable to injury. Starting with "arm circles" to warm & oxygenate the area, then on to a systematic surgical tubing exercise program utilizing the unique & now-famous J Bands. Great successes in shoulder muscles gaining greater range of motion, balance, endurance & stability.

You'll then learn to solidify your throwing mechanics so they become supportive, efficient & consistent. The video concludes with Alan's trademark Long Toss program, the unique throwing routine at the core of developing arm strength, arm speed, release point consistency.

J-Bands & Thrower's 10 - aka Jobe Exercises

A mandatory tool for the health, strength & endurance of your arm strength! This J-band will let you perform 10 different exercises to strengthen all of the muscle groups in your arm & shoulder. These exercises are demonstrated in the Thrive on Throwing Volume 2 DVD (download available too) Plus, you can perform them in the comfort of your own home as effectively as you can on the playing field.

Extra or replacement J-Bands are always available as well as money-saving Team Packs Too!

What JP Says about the The Armed & Ready Program | Throwing Program For Softball

Mike Candrea - Monica Abbott - Sue Enquist

These legends of 21st Century Fastpitch Softball Excellence are reasons to sit up & take notice of Alan Jaeger's Thrive On Throwing Program! But go beyond their testimonials and take a look at what the program can actually do for your valuable throwing weapon... it has historically been the one tool that so many ballplayers really have little understanding of and thus pay least attention to... yet who doesn't want to throw harder, more accurately and of course pain free over a long season of the many seasons you will hopefully play. 

I have known and recommended this program for over 10 years and am pleased that Monica Abbott has chosen to show you the program herself with help from some really great softball minds! Get smart and get going today...don't put this arm care stuff on the back burner; I would hate to have anyone go through the surgery that completely rebuilt my throwing shoulder and the arduous rehab program and constant icing I now endure just so I can still throw batting practice... much of this was preventable, I just learned late.

I truly wish you the best and hope that coaches reading this will consider a team pack of J Bands and learn the simple program that anyone can master! 


"The Jaeger Throwing Program will provide the proper bio-mechanical foundation needed to develop & sustain your throwing motion. A health arm, that maintains stamina, is one of the most valued traits when college coaches are evaluating prospects. Invest in your arm, you've earned it!”

Sue Enquist, Former UCLA Softball Coach, 27 years, 11-time National Champion, 5-time Hall of Fame





 “We are really glad that we committed to the J-Bands and Long Toss Throwing Program this past year.Arm Health and Arm Strength are so essential to the development of any softball players career. The time that we dedicated was extremely valuable as we did not have to change practice plans or limit throwing reps due to sore arms throughout the season!” 

Kelly Inouye-Perez, Head Softball Head Softball Coach, UCLA Bruins




"We have been using the Jaeger Sports program religiously and see good results! No gimmicks…..just healthy arms that are getting stronger!"

Mike Candrea, Head Softball Coach, The University of Arizona, 8 Time NCAA National Champions

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