Baseball Batting Cages | Softball Batting Cages

Vital to own because of its numerous uses: batting drills, a target for pitchers and catchers, a fielder's screen, and catching balls on double plays and relays. Includes galvanized steel frame and #36 polyethylene net.
Now only $279.95
Portable softball backstop batting cage that can be folded or rolled away for storage.
Now only $3,399.00

Batting cages are your most important baseball training aid.
Best when used with a batting teesoft toss machinepitching machine.
Accessories include baseball turf, l screens & net savers.

Common Batting Cage Terms:

Backyard batting cage - lightweight portable batting cage
Batting cage & baseball cage - the batting cage net alone
Batting cage frame – metal arch to attach to a batting cage net
Baseball net & baseball netting –  refers to the same thing
Batting tunnel – can be a baseball net or cage net & frame
Batting cage kit – all but the metal legs you purchase locally
Portable batting cage - a cage & frame you put away during offseason.