Nylon Baffle Net Saver & Batting Cage Dividers

  • Reduce wear & tear on your cage net
  • Perfect for tee work soft toss drills
  • Reduces rebound & frame damage
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  • A baffle net extends the life of your batting cage
  • Hangs loosely behind your batters to preserve your expensive batting cage net
  • See Through Ability  is Great for Coaching Your Hitters


How Our Baffle Net Saver Can Help You

Add Years of Life To Your Expensive Cage Net With This Inexpensive Protective Net.

The number one wear point in a batting cage net is the strike zone area behind the batter!
Now you can safely watch & coach your batter's swing from behind with our 8' x 8', 12' x 12', or 12' x 14' baffle net AKA net saver. This heavy #36 gauge nylon net is a great insurance in making your cage net last much longer. 

You simply hang your baffle net saver loosely, 6-12 inches inside the end of your batting cage net with bungee cords or rope that you provide. We include 4 rust proof snap rings to make installation quick & easy. The bungees attach to rings (included) at each of the net’s four corners. 

The Baffle Net Saver can also be used to replace torn areas and makes a perfect soft toss station when used with our Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine and our Batter's Turf Stance Mats.

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Warranty 1 Year
In Stock
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