Our Best Basic Portable Batting Cage

  • No fold design saves for teams on a budget
  • Built outdoor tough of galvanized steel & reinforced net
  • Built for adult size players 18' W x 12' D x 14' H
In Stock
  • 30% Less Cost Than Our Foldable Model
  • EZ Roll Lift Dolley Pulls 3 Tires Like A Wagon
  • Extra Wide For LH & RH Batters
  • BONUS! Baffle Net For Behind Your Batters


How Our Basic Portable Batting Cage Can Help Your Program

The Basic Portable Batting Cage will save you extra budget for other important items! It's easy to assemble or disassemble and the rear wheel dolley makes it easy to roll away. This cage is built exactly like our D1 Foldable Portable Batting Cage and has the same features, with two exceptions: the Basic Portable Cage cannot be folded and its dimensions have been changed to 18' W x 12' D x 14' H.

The lack of foldability & altered dimensions are the only features that differ from our Foldable Portable Batting Cage. This may be enough reason for you to  save the extra 30% cost over our foldable model?

What JP Says about the Our Best Basic Portable Batting Cage

You Cannot Spend Less For A Pro Grade Batting Cage Than Our Basic Model. It Will Last You Many Seasons!

- Coach JP


We carry a handful of rolling batting cages. It is a one time purchase and hard to budget for many programs. I have whittled it down to our offerings based on price for the quality as many other good rolling batting cages (aka turtle batting cages) are perhaps overpriced for what they are.

Our basic model on this page is perfect for the budget conscious with mauch of its savings being from its lack of ability to fold down. Our foldable version is a bout 30% more cost and many will see its value. Our Big Bubba is also a great choice for its extra large interior room reinforced netting, ricochet cushion and a vinyl skirt. 

If you want to compare them, just look at the right side of this page! 

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Warranty Details 5 Year Frame, 2 Year Net Pro Rated Manufacturer Warranty
In Stock
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