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How Our Batting Cage Nets And Netting Can Help You

A high quality net looks the same as a poor quality net...when it is delivered. The true quality of a net as it gets used and begins to wear. All netting wears from use by abrasion from the ball. (Mainly, behind the hitters, sometimes down the “3rd baseline” and even above the hitters heads). High sun areas do suffer premature wear…more-so with cheaper product. And, as hard as it is to imagine...winter wind is extremely abrasive (always consider taking your net down during any down-season).

Consider the heaviest net you can budget no matter the age of the players...a batting cage net is only as good as its weakest link and some cheap batting cages may fail in as little as one season!

What JP Says about the Batting Cage Nets & Netting For Softball

Let me say this first...

You don’t want to buy this stuff twice!

Our selection is complete from the choices in softball batting cage sizes to all the most common weight and tensile strength of netting.

We feel strongly that it is important to give you knowledge and to offer you choices!

Choices of batting tunnels and complete batting cage frames and matching netting...all the variety you could want.

Knowledge both online & by phone...Toll Free 800 – 487 – 7432.

Our prices are on the low to lowest side and our products are graded and clearly marked; the higher the number (example - #36 is heavier than #21), the heavier the net and the more seasons it should last you.

Our Recommendation On Nets and Netting:

  1. Purchase the heaviest net your budget will allow
  2. When budgeting...consider that a shorter cage with a heavier net is generally superior to a longer cage with a lighter weight cage net. The length of your batting cage will not dictate a batting average improvement...but if the net fails prematurely and players cannot basically have no batting cage until you replace it...which is why I don’t want to buy this stuff twice!

BTW: shorter cages makes your hitters have to be quicker...and that’s not so bad.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year

Our Standard Features On Batting Cage Nets And Netting:

items you should always look for with nets

  • Hung Square 1 3/4" Net...small "holes" that helps reduce sag and is easiest to install
  • 3 heavy ropes running parallel the length of your cage...further eliminates sag!
  • Sewn-in rope borders...a great help in installation


Our Deluxe Features On Batting Cage Nets And Netting:

items you should always look for with nets

  • Hung Square 1 3/4" Net...small "holes" that helps reduce sag and is easiest to install
  • 3 heavy ropes running parallel the length of your cage...further eliminates sag!
  • Sewn-in poly rope border...a great help in installation
  • Leadcore rope...keep the net on the ground and off your back
  • Entry longer will you have to crawl under the net to get in
  • Baffle money in the long run by protecting the net behind the hitter.

Polyethelene (Poly) Nets and Netting

Poly Nets are actually a plastic that is melted and then extruded into strands. Those strands are then twisted, braided and or knotted into many uses including netting for many industries from sporting uses like volleyball, tennis, baseball and softball of uses in the fishing industry. Because it starts being formed as a liquid, it is easy to add color (black in most cases) as well as UV protection each strand always stays black without fading AND the UV protection really you many seasons of use!

Being that it is a plastic, it will not absorb water or add unwanted weight to your cage frame.

It also weighs less than Nylon and may last longer in areas of real temperature swings and of course, in rainy parts of the country!

The downside of Poly is that it is a bit stiff and is not as easy to repair as nylon.

Reason Summary for Purchasing a Poly Batting Cage Net

Best Price...for a very good material

  •      Water Resistant...won't stress frames with absorbed water
  •      Keeps its color...will not fade
  •      Best UV's built in, not added on
  •      Stable for areas where temperatures change dramatically

Nylon Nets and Netting

Nylon is certainly stronger...and more expensive than Polyethelene (also known as Poly).

Net strength is measured as tensile strength. Tensile strength is the measure of 1 single strand of material that is stretched vertically and then measured digitally to the point that the strand snaps.

So, for example, if you are considering purchasing one of our #36 heavier duty nets, one single strand of this material will break when 320 lbs of resistance is applied to opposed to our standard #21 net which will break when 220 lbs of resistance is applied.

How does this affect you? The heavier the net, the more useful years you may get from your batting cage (and this will vary by amount of use, climate and whether you take your net during an off season...especially you live in a colder northern climate.

Reason Summary for Purchasing a Nylon Batting Cage Net

  •      Longest Lasting...more money - for pro quality!
  •      Strongest Material...lasts longest
  •      Easiest to Hang
  •      Softer to Touch
  •      Good UV Protection (if properly treated)
In Stock
Price From: $405.00
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