Xtender Batting Cage

  • Batting cage with 24', 30' and 36' sections
  • Add a section...up to 72'
  • 9' high & 10' wide
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Now You Can Turn Your Backyard Into A Fully Automated Batting Cage

Each frame section connects together quickly and easily and the weather resistant net is tough enough to withstand hit after hit. The fiberglass and steel frame is light, yet strong enough for any youth player in any climate. All our Heater Pitching Machines are configured to work with this cage.

"The best real ball entry-level batting cage I've ever found!"

- Coach JP

What JP Says about the Xtender Batting Cage

Finally! An Entry Level Batting Cage! -- The Xtender

Baseball and softball families with a limited budget or backyard space should strongly consider our new Xtender Backyard Batting Cage. There has never been a more reasonably priced entry-level batting cage. The rest that I've found are just plain cheap!

I've often said that any player who is fortunate enough to have some sort of backyard cage and pitching machine and could hit every day simply by walking out the back door of his house could not help but become a better hitter!

There is an old baseball saying that if a player can hit, the coach will find a place for him to play.

It kind of tells you how hitters are built. To oversimplify:

  • You learn the fundamentals and proper mechanics of the solid baseball swing (this is an ongoing process that really never stops).
  • You swing properly over and over and over.
  • Fun & success just seems to follow!

The key for many families has always been how to afford or where to put a large batting cage in the backyard. If this sounds like you or your family, you won't find a more affordable solution for inexpensive baseball fun...right out your backdoor! If this is fun for your player,she  will just naturally improve quicker!

This Backyard Batting Cage really is easy enough for anyone to install and use!

When combined with our Heater Pitching Machine, this may be a great solution for you.

A Note About Batting Cage Length

Cage Length Doesn't Correlate With Success!

I've said it a million times. The length of a batting cage will never determine future success of any fastpitch hitter. Learning the proper mechanics of the swing and repeating it correctly over and over is ultimately what matters and what keeps players on the path to next level softball not to mention having the most fun...which tends to lead a player into staying longer in this great game.

This game is about quickness. Shorten the distance between pitching machine and your hitter and you will reduce the reaction time.and save the extra room in your backyard!

The 24' Batting Cage

We recommend that the 24' cage should be used only in conjunction with a wheel-type pitching machine, such as our Heater Backyard. If you are using the 24' cage for "short-toss drills" you will need to use a Pitcher's L Screen like you may have seen in a baseball training facility. For safety reasons, we do NOT recommend typical batting practice drills with cages of shorter length. You will need to consider a longer cage, such as our 48' or 72' versions or another choice from our line of batting cages.

Additional Information

Shipping Note Free shipping offer is not valid to addresses outside of the continental United States. This includes addresses within Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.
Warranty 1 Year

Why Use It?

Multi-Purpose Netting

The net is made of durable 1" nylon squares, a size perfect for any type of baseball or softball. The net is easily hung over the top of the cage frame, so it won't sag.

Indestructible Frame

Because of the way the frame is constructed, the batting cage is wind-resistant. The main support poles are1¼" steel and they connect with 3/8" fiberglass arched tops. The fiberglass arcs flex, but don't break in extreme weather conditions. This innovative design prevents your cage from tipping over. In fact, after three years of testing our manufacturer has never had a batting cage tip over!


The entire steel and fiberglass frame is encased in 2" of foam padding, which minimizes ball ricochet and damage to the poles. Batted balls can't exit the cage thanks to a support rope that runs along the bottom perimeter of the batting cage.

Nothing Else to Buy

Our Backyard Batting Cages come complete with everything you need. There are no poles or any extra parts to purchase. We even include the steel stake needed to secure the frame into the ground.


You'll never need to drive to your local batting cages again!

Which Batting Cage Is Right For You?

Cage Sizes HJ H HP HC HD
24 Foot
1 24' Section
30 Foot
1 30' Section
X X      
36 Foot
1 36' Section
X X      
48 Foot
2 24' Sections
X X X X  
60 Foot
2 30' Sections
72 Foot
2 36' Sections
      X X
Model Index:
HJ = Heater Junior Pitching Machine
H = Heater Baseball or Softball Pitching Machine
HP = Heater Pro Curveball Pitching Machine
HC = Heater Combo Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine
HD = Heater Deuce 2 Wheel Pitching Machine
In Stock
Price From: $299.99
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