BP Zone® Batting Practice Turf Protector

  • Lightweight mesh thats easy to use every day
  • Fits your heavily abused homeplate & infield areas
  • Resists most spike marks and all ball strikes
  • Reduces your groundskeeping time
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Price From: $109.99
  • Save On Complete Set - Buy It Once!
  • Same Material Used for NFL Sidelines & Around MLB Batting Cages
What JP Says about the BP Zone® Batting Practice Turf Protector

You Only Buy Our Batting Practice Turf Protectors Once!

This is one of those products that too many baseball programs just don't buy. Instead they spend a ton of time fixing this area from all the daily batting practice and ground ball abuse...year after year. I know you may have gone a career of not owning this brilliant solution, but at some point you bite the bullet and find the money in your budget and use your limited time with your ballclub or on tougher tasks! Its lightweight mesh material is super-easy to install without needing an entire team, yet it's built tough enough to resist spike marks...another reason its use in our football sideline protectors. If you buy the entire package, you will save enough that you will get one piece essentially free.

fyi: We do offer it in team colors but frankly, some of these pieces are so large, that bright colors can be a bit overwhelming so do consider the turf green color 1st!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
In Stock
Price From: $109.99
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