BP Zone® Premium Turf Protector

  • Best quality turf protectors
  • 3 sizes - fits all size infields
  • team colors (JP suggests turf green)
  • Made In USA quality!
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What JP Says about the BP Zone® Premium Turf Protector

Save Your Infield Turf With Our Best Premium Quality Mesh Field Protectors

When you take batting practice for hours and days on end, it just stands to reason that the turf between home plate and the pitchers mound is going to take a beating. Enough that it is generally the worst part of your infield (along with in front of the mound as well.)

Sometimes good and cheap just do not go together so when you have the budget, this is your #1 choice in protecting that abused area of turf in front of your home plate dirt.

Hems and grommets feature quality handwork built to prevent premature failure!

Our Made In USA icon tells you alot about the quality product and finish work!


Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details You should expect many more years than its warranty!
In Stock
Price From: $659.99
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