D1 Foldable Backstop Replacement Net

D1 Foldable Backstop Replacement Net (backstop)
  • Weather Treated Replacement Net
  • Designed to Fit the D1 Foldable Backstop
  • Includes Extra Baffle Net
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Replacement Net For The D1 Foldable Backstop Batting Cage

Under heavy use, the D1 Foldable Portable Backstop Batting Cage's original netting may eventually need to be replaced. The weather-treated #600 HTPP replacement cage net will allow you many additional years of heavy use!

Includes reinforced baffle netsaver to preserve the #1 wear point in this rolling backstop. 

Fits 16 1/2 ft. wide; 16 1/2 ft. deep; 11 ft. high standard frame units.

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details Prorated
In Stock
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