Hitting Mechanics DVD - Coach Enquist

  • Hitting fundamentals and techniques
  • Bat selection and grip
  • Stance, swing, and follow-through
  • Balance drills
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Head Coach Sue Enquist Talks About the Mechanics of Hitting

This DVD presents a detailed overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved in sound hitting. In an easy-to-understand and apply manner, Coach Enquist explains and shows how players can improve their ability to hit by adhering to proper mechanics. She covers developing a hitting system (including core mechanics, bat selection, appropriate grip), as well as position in the box, the stance, the swing, follow-through and contact point, balance drills, and stride box.

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Author Sue Enquist
Running Time 49 Minutes
About the Coach <img src="/path/to/sue-enquist.jpg" alt="Coach Sue Enquist" class="alt" /> <p><strong>Sue Enquist</strong> has been a player, coach, and head coach with the UCLA Bruins for 28 years. A former All-American center fielder who led UCLA to its first softb
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