How To Throw A Drop Ball DVD - Jerry Johnson

The Drop Ball DVD
  • Learn the correct grip
  • Learn the correct stride
  • Learn the correct release
  • Learn the correct spin
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  • Watch & Learn with Many Great Drills!
  • Includes Slow Motion & Split Screen Demos

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How To Throw A Drop Ball DVD

This new teaching dvd by Coach Jerry Johnson (author of the well-received Triple Pitch DVD) shows both coach and player how to throw the devastating drop ball...from grip to finish. Watch as he teaches a younger and an older pitcher (with a combined 3 years of pitching experience between them)! The great results are what you see in this video!

What JP Says about the How To Throw A Drop Ball DVD - Jerry Johnson

Coach Johnson is a very good fundamental coach who teaches new concepts by starting at the right place...then moving on in a building block manner...where the next lesson builds off the one previously taught...repeating this until the player (and coach) can put it all together.

This method has proven successful in coaching any athletic activity.
It is his organizing of these building blocks, the subsequent drills and finally the reviews that makes his concepts...teachable and learnable for the viewer.

Additional Information

Author Jerry Johnson
Running Time 50 Minutes
Disc Count 1
Age Range 6 and up

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Dropball and Triplepitch Combo

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