The Triple Pitch - Fast Pitch Softball DVD

  • Easy to learn & repeat
  • Two grips and releases are taught
  • Multiple speed demos
  • Multi camera angles/drills
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Learn The Triple Pitch By Coach Jerry Johnson

The Triple Pitch is a new fastpitch softball pitch that was developed by Mountain State University coach Jerry Johnson. The pitch has two grips and two releases, and in this DVD Coach Johnson teaches the mechanics and drills that will help intermediate or advanced pitchers learn the pitch.

What is the Triple Pitch?

A dynamic new pitch for your arsenal, the Triple Pitch is a combination of a changeup, curveball and dropball. Effective due to its unique spin, the pitch's speed is between a fastball and a change up. When thrown correctly, the ball has a slight curve with a very slight drop and crosses the plate knee high after traveling on an 11-to-5 path.

College pitcher Natalie Hanson has thrown the triple pitch during games and says, “I’ve never seen a pitch like it. I’ve never seen a pitch slow down, drop and curve at the same time.” And because the pitch does those three things - slow down, slightly curve and drop - it was named the Triple Pitch.

This DVD has three drills designed to teach the pitch, and Coach Johnson thoroughly covers the grip, stride, release, rotation and speed needed to throw the Triple Pitch successfully.

What JP Says about the The Triple Pitch - Fast Pitch Softball DVD

If hitting is about timing and balance, can you imagine owning a pitch that has a velocity between your fastball and your change up…with a sharp curve AND drop!

I like Coach Johnson's building block approach where after the theory and mechanics were taught, the demonstrator was put into an on-field test beginning with a release drill, on to a drill to demonstrate ball movement, then utilizing a location drill called the rope drill.

This pitch is really teachable, provided it can be coached. More exactly, I think that most pitchers would find it too difficult to teach themselves (the exception might be if the player used video and playback equipment).

"Nicely done DVD by a very qualified, likeable instructor and demonstrated by good, teachable players!"

-Coach JP


I am a pitching instructor in Kansas City, MO. I have several pitchers throwing the Triple Pitch. I have one pitcher in 12 & under throwing it exclusively as her change up and it has yet to be hit and has struck out several batters.

I only teach what I believe in as you see many new things in softball every year. If I don't believe in the new mechanics or whatever the new theory may be that year, I do not teach it. I teach the Triple Pitch and it has been successful for several of my pitching students.

Brian Ballor, Softball Pitching Instructor

Additional Information

Author Jerry Johnson
Running Time 30 Minutes
About the Coach <img class="alt" alt="Coach Jerry Johnson" src="/path/to/jerry-johnson.jpg" /> <p><strong>Jerry Johnson</strong> has coached and been involved in every level of fastpitch softball for over 30 years in West Virginia. Johnson became Greenbrier West High
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The Triple Pitch is Approved by Coach Ernie Parker

Ernie Parker is one of the most renowned pitching coaches in the history of softball. He's not just the pitching coach to the stars, he helped create the stars! Players such as Carrie Dolan, Jennie Finch, DeeDee Weiman and even Lisa Fernandez have been students of Coach Parker.

Here's what the man who helped mold some of the most successful fastpitch pitchers in the game's history had to say when shown the Triple Pitch:

"Jerry demonstrated this pitch to me and explained the mechanics of the pitch. I found it to be a very sharp breaking pitch that will be very effective when thrown correctly."

Coach Johnson and The Triple Pitch Featured in ESPN the Magazine

From the August 31, 2006 issue

As Jerry Johnson discovered earlier this year, there's a simple way to invent a softball pitch that's as reliable as the changeup, curveball and dropball: Just combine all three. After spending a year experimenting with different grips and release points, the softball pitching coach at West Virginia's Mountain State University unspooled an offering that dropped across the plate along an 11-to-5 path while traveling off-speed.

Suspecting that he had developed a new toss, Johnson e-mailed Ernie Parker, who has coached the likes of Olympians Jennie Finch and Lisa Fernandez on his national teams.

Parker confirmed that the "triple pitch" is indeed brand-new and requested to see a video of it in action. Johnson did him one better and made the drive to Parker's home in Memphis for a live demonstration. Impressed, Parker helped Johnson spread the word.

Then, with the aid of MSU pitcher Natalie Hanson and catcher Jennifer Sloan, Johnson filmed an instructional DVD that displays the triple pitch's two different grips and release points.

Hanson has since thrown the triple pitch effectively in competition, creating a worldwide buzz that has competitors like Tanya Harding (the pitcher, not the skater) of the Australian Olympic team calling Johnson to inquire about its mechanics. So far, to no avail. Says Johnson: "I can't give away the grip because then nobody will buy the DVD."

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