We Will Help You Build Your Baseball Training Facility

Whether you are building an indoor training facility or outdoor training field, or are in need of specific training aids for your school or team, everything you need is on this page!

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Pitching Machines

Iron Mike Pitching Machines

  • Iron Mike Youth Pitching Machine


  • Iron Mike Rack Fed Pitching Machine
    Rack Fed


  • Iron Mike Hopper Fed Pitching Machine


  • Iron Mike Pro Hopper Fed Pitching Machine
    Pro Hopper


Iron Mike Pitching Machines are all very heavy duty, simple to use, arrive by truck line almost completely set up. They can be used and left outside all year long, will accept leather balls or machine pitch dimple baseballs, and throw between 25-85 mph. They are set up for baseball or softball and are either track or hopper fed.

BATA Pitching Machines

  • BATA 1 Pitching Machine
    BATA 1


  • BATA 1 Curveball Pitching Machine
    BATA 1


  • BATA 2 Sidewinder Pitching Machine
    BATA 2


  • BATA 2 Pitching Machine
    BATA 2


  • BATA 3 Wheel Pitching Machine
    BATA 3


  • BATA Twin-Pitch Pitching Machine


BATA Wheeled Machines are a favorite of Pro teams. They come in 1, 2 and 3 wheeled versions. Feeder and pitch selectors are available for all BATA machines as add ons. Twin pitch machines allow user to set 2 speeds of fastballs in 2 separate chutes. They come complete with auto feeders & cordless remote.

All Bata pitching machines are available in baseball or softball only versions or as combination machines. Additionally, optional auto feeders fit all machines and can be purchased as 32 baseball, 34 softball, or a combo 32/34 setup.

Power Streak Pitching Machine

The Power Streak Pitching Machine
Power Streak


The Power Streak is an affordable and efficient lightweight team or backyard machine that throws fastballs and curveballs!

Zooka Pitching Machine

Zooka Pitching Machine


The Zooka is an air powered machine for baseball size balls only but it throws hard and can be programmed for fastballs or change ups. It is very portable and needs no electrical cord.

Batting Cages & Netting

Pro Series Cage Frames & Netting

  • Pro Series Frame
  • Pro Series Net

Cages: All cages are 10' high x 10' wide at top, 14' wide at ground level.


  • Standard weight: #15 knotted nylon
  • High School: #21 knotted nylon
  • Heavy Duty: #36 knotted nylon

Batco Pro Portable Batting Tunnels

Batco Tunnel

These Expandable Cages are the most versatile cages on the market today. The Batco cage is equally useful indoors or out. It can be used indoors without running any cables across your gym or field house, and outside without building any frame to hang it on.come in 54' or 72' lengths with #42 nylon netting.

Cable Systems & Indoor Frame Systems

Cable System Cage Lengths
Frame Lengths
  • All standard sizes plus custom nets
  • Complete choices of materials
  • All grades & price ranges

Several Models To Choose From:

  • Standard Poly
  • Deluxe Poly
  • Standard Nylon
  • Deluxe Nylon

Screens & Nets

Hittnig Stations

Floor Covering

Additional Items