Fastpitch Travel

Pro level instructional multi position batting tee.

Common Travel Softball Equipment and Gear

Travel softball gear needs to be portable and to-the-point; equipment that will get the job done but can still fit in the trunk of your car. The following items are the most commonly used.
Batting Tees - practice hitting without a pitcher with a portable batting tee
Training Bats - helps muscles memorize the proper batting swing
Ball Caddies and Sports Totes – stow and roll your softball equipment to the field
Batting Swing Trainers – practice your hitting with the advantage of an automatic ball return
Catch Nets – great for hitting or throwing balls into
Pitching Targets – a target for pitchers to aim at

Travel softball equipment and gear can include portable batting tees, batting swing trainers, catch nets, pitching targets, training bats, sports totes and ball caddies