The 90 Second Travel Softball Catch Net

  • Large 6.5' H x 7.5' yet sets up in 90 seconds!
  • Steel frame simply snaps together in 8 pieces
  • Lightweight yet sturdy & durable #45 soft toss net
  • No attachments, bungees, rope or hardware needed
In Stock
  • Heavy Long Lasting Weatherproof #45 Poly Net 
  • Tubular Steel Frame Snaps Together Quickly
  • Convenient Shoulder Carry Bag Holds All 22 Lbs
What JP Says about the The 90 Second Travel Softball Catch Net

The 90 Second Catch Net That’s Perfect For Travel Softball

This is the travel net and frame that you want after tiring of those springy contraptions.

8 pieces of 1 1/4” black powder coated tubular steel snap together quickly. You then simply slip the open end of the 2 sided heavy #45 poly net over the frame. That’s it!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Catch Net Height 6.5'
Catch Net Width 7.5'
Net Material Polyethylene
In Stock
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