Big League Safety Fence Cap

Safety Top Cap Fence Cap
  • A Fence Cap With Easy Installation
  • Prevents Some Contact Injuries
  • Resists Vandalism - Secures To Your Chain Link Fence With Hog Rings
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Price From: $105.00
  • Tough Weatherproof Product
  • Great Visibility... Easy To See For Umpires, Coaches, Players & Fans
  • Really Dresses Up Your Baseball or Softball Field


How Our Big League Safety Fence Cap Can Help You

Fence toppers, or fence caps, serve a few purposes for a softball or baseball field. They give you a safety factor from outfielders getting hands and arms torn up by chain link fences, they define a home run and they will make a ballpark look complete. Fence capping makes any ballpark feel like a stadium!



  • 5 pieces per box totalling 40'
  • Each piece is 8' in length
  • UV protected poly material reduces sun fading
  • 25 year manufacturer's warranty
What JP Says about the Big League Safety Fence Cap

Why Our Big League Safety Fence Cap Is Better!

To me, our Big League Safety Fence Cap is so much better than the typical round, yellow "drainpipe" looking product. What's better is a superior look and taller stance so that you can see it better from farther away and it has a much simpler installation that can be done by one person. I have installed the common drainpipe product aka Poly Cap (once only) and it was a bear to do. When you add the shipping cost of rolled coils of the Poly Cap, our Big League Safety Fence Cap just makes a lot of sense. Costs are ultimately reduced because this stuff is delivered to you in 40 or 80 ft boxes of 8 ft length, depending on the style you choose. It's even less expensive with our free shipping on 12 boxes or more!

Shipping alone is generally so much less when compared with the huge coils of "drainpipe" that take up a large chunk of a tractor trailer truck just to get it to you... and it better be delivered right next to your ballfield(s) or you will be trying to figure out how to move these massive coils. It's a bit like carrying lengths of jello! You get the picture!

Installation is done simply by placing the product over the top of your chain link fence and then adding a "hog ring" (included) in the pre-drilled holes every few feet. For you city-folk... a hog ring is a metal loop (think of a staple) that is clamped tight with a pliers-like tool. All are available locally at a hardware store, farm supply, Home Depot or Lowes!

Additional Information

Fence Cap Length 1box = 40ft.
In Stock
Price From: $105.00
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