Spike Homeplate

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  • Game White With Black Edges
  • Official Sizes & Specs
  • A Homeplate With Weatherproof Surfaces


These Inexpensive Homeplates Are Official Size & Heavy Enough To Last Many Seasons

Just screw in the rustproof spikes and press into dirt or grass surfaces. Great for your bullpens, batting cages and backyards too.

Here’s Some Other Styles Too:

Big League Style These are homeplates with traditional base anchors. Home base simply slides into the anchor and attaches to a steel anchor plate which & the base cover itself. The surface has the pro look of heavy solid rubber.

Waffle Bottom Home Plate This waffle bottom all rubber homeplate has become more popular over the last years. Bottom is honeycomb rubber, making it a bit lighter and absolutely impervious to any weather or conditions. One piece mold means all surfaces are solid rubber.

Wood Bottom Home Plate These are the older, traditional wood bottom home plates. Top surface is classic hard rubber as well. Regulation size of course.

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Plate Bottom spike
In Stock
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