Heater Dimple Baseballs Fit All Pitching Machines

Heater Dimple Baseballs
  • Recommended for most Heater & all wheel pitching machines
  • Made from durable polyurethane for extended ball life
  • Regulation game size & weight
  • Outlasts leather balls 10 to 1!
  • FREE SHIPPING ON 10 Dz. Case - YOU SAVE $55!
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Heater pitching machine baseballs are specifically designed for Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machines. These balls are optic yellow in color, made from durable polyurethane, and pitch with pin point accuracy. Perfectly molded at the factory, Heater baseballs are the world’s most accurate pitching machine baseballs.

We Recommend Thes Dimple Balls For Any Pitching Machine Brand!

What JP Says about the Heater Dimple Baseballs Fit All Pitching Machines

Pitching Machine Dimple Baseballs All Look The Same... but aren't!

I really recommend that you consider practicing with dimple balls for any style of pitching machine and especially during wet weather practices. The problem is that most are made of very poor quality... and how would you know otherwise? All dimple balls are made overseas and are or should be exactly 9" in circumference and 5 oz in total weight (same as a game ball). The problem is that most are made so cheaply that the bat manufacturers don't want to warrant your expensive game bat if you have been using them. Too bad because if there were just a list of standards, this would not be an issue.

Ok, So How Do You Buy The Good Stuff?... Two ways!

1 - Buy a dozen and run thousands through your machine and make sure they don't dent your bats... then always buy the same brand!

2 - Buy ours - we only carry dimple balls from two manufacturers and they are both up to spec and will outlast your best leather game baseballs by abut 10 to 1!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details Pro Rated - No warranty for commercial use.
In Stock
Price From: $39.50
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