Large Softball Practice Hitting Station

  • Perfect For Batting Stations!
  • Best for Batting Tee & Soft Tossl 
  • Large 10'H x 11'W x 1' 1/2" D
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  • Can be installed permanently or semi-permanently with ground sleeves


2-3/8" diameter galvanized steel frame. Heavy weather proof outdoor netting included. Installed dimensions are 10'H x 11'W x 18" deep. Turf mat and concrete not included.
What JP Says about the Large Softball Practice Hitting Station

What A Great Concept & Cheaper Than Adding Another Batting Cage!

You can always use an extra batting tee of soft toss area and most programs don’t even have one. Try this large, weatherproof concept and add tons of swings in someplace you aren’t even using. Add one of our homeplate stance mats and you will have zero maintenance.

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