Criss Cross Drill by Pete Sprenkle

By the author of A Softball Coaches Tool Kit

Divide players into two teams … X and Y. Team X competes against Team Y.

The ball is thrown criss-cross down the line to every other player. Then the ball is returned back to the same partner.

The winning team is the one which gets the ball back to the start first.

Alternate by throwing short hops or increasing the distance between players and/or the throwing distance.


Another alternative is to use one ball and throw the ball to anyone in the opposite line except the player that threw the ball to you.


Pete Sprenkle has been involved in softball for over thirty years. He has coached girls fastpich teams at every age group up to 18-years old and is a former President of the Colorado Girls Softball Coaches Association. Sprenkle has organized his experiences into a book, called A Softball Coaches Tool Kit, that is the ultimate resource for any new or seasoned softball coach. Retired from IBM, Pete now devotes much of his time to youth sports in his hometown of Boulder, CO.