Four Star Drill by Pete Sprenkle

From the Author of A Softball Coaches Tool Kit

Coaches Note: Use this to work on throwing and catching, plus the fielder in the middle gets to work on footwork moving around the pitcher's area. This drill has lots of quick short throws, like those that could happen in a game. It works best on a field without a mound and is a take off from the Star Drill (without following the throw).

The pitcher moves around the circle to the point where the ball is thrown and caught (nearest the base).

The ball is thrown as shown by the lines, starting and ending with the catcher. Throws can be ground balls or throws. The player at each base can simulate a tag after catching a throw.

Time each cycle to make the drill competitive. Players can rotate positions after each cycle so every player gets the same number of chances.

Four Star Drill diagram


Pete Sprenkle has 25 years of fastpitch softball coaching experience with girls aged 12 through 18. He is the author of the Softball Coaches Tool Kit.