12 Player Simulated Game

Softball Article By: The Coach John Peter's Softball-tips.com Team


To play an actual game with only 12 players. This simulated game is great to end a practice with and is the best way to prepare for competition.


What's Needed

  • Playing field
  • Bats
  • Balls
  • Gloves



20-30 minutes


How the Drill Works

  • Divide players into three teams of four players. Each team has at least one pitcher and catcher.
  • One team is at bat.
  • The other two teams take the field. Only two players play the outfield. One of the coaches can play an outfield position.
  • Play a normal game.
  • After the first team makes three outs, the next team is up. After they make three outs, the final team is up.


Softball Coaching Tips

  • One coach calls balls and strikes behind the pitcher.
  • Each team should have a catcher. If not, stealing might have to be suspended.
  • To keep the game moving at a fast pace, limit each team to one time through its lineup (four at-bats).
  • To familiarize players with starting behind the count, start each player off with two strikes (0-2).
  • This game is a great opportunity to try players at different positions.
  • Use your voice to keep the action quick and the energy level high!