How to Use a Batting Station to Build Softball Hitters by Coach John Peter - Publisher of

Batting Tees are for babies... you know, Tee Ball Players and any other serious player who wants to maximize his or her potential and see how far they can go in this way-too-complicated game of hitting a round object with a rounded implement.

Recent Baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn really did describe his off-season hitting workouts as (and I paraphrase) nothing but tee work until January of each year.... and remember, he was at spring training a month later in February!

Here's An Important Bottom Line in Building a Successful Hitter!

  • You must hit a lot off a batting tee!
  • You must hit a lot in a soft toss station!
  • You must hit a lot in front toss drills! (15 to 35 ft)!
  • You will take plenty of live batting practice...It's the fun part!

Why? Think About Always Having A Building Block Approach:

Batting Tee Stations teach the repeatable mechanics without the need for ALSO tracking a moving ball.

Soft Toss & Flip Stations build more repeatable mechanics but then adds the basics & confidence of tracking a moving object from its shorter distance. It builds confidence, strength and when done in parallel stations, can get an entire team the amount of swings that players really need to progress and improve.

Short Toss Stations (where a coach sits behind a screen from 15 or so feet in front of a hitter and tosses  underhand from the side of the screen to replicate the approximate angle of a pitched ball)... this adds more realism for the hitter and increases the difficulty while allowing the player to "see" where the batted ball is travelling).

Front Toss (coach stands behind an L Screen and tosses average speed pitches to particular spots). This, again increases the degree of difficulty while creating game-like conditions.

Live Hitting is probably the most fun for players and coaches alike but just as  kids progress from a tricycle to a bicycle with training wheels before flying down hills on a full size bike...the steps along the way are so very important.

You may never forget how to ride a bike but because of the huge degree of difficulty in consistently hitting a moving round ball with a rounded stick... bad habits creep in almost unnoticed and we must stay with the basics as long as we play this game! 

You will be best able to maximize going into a batting cage or take live batting practice from "official pitching distances" and carry these great habits and the confidence these lessons will build…right into your games and entire seasons too.

Shortcuts - There are none if you want to stay in the game. There just comes a time when even the better athletes will face better trained players and previous successes give way to mediocrity and perhaps failure when.

Summary: Make these simple stations part of your routine and that of your entire team too! If they are good enough for High School, College and Pro Players… they should serve you well too!

Don't forget to please pass this information on to others… its how we keep the game going and is a lifeline for future generations of ballplayers & coaches!

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