Ultra InstructoSwing - The Newest Instructo Tee Swing Trainer

  • Learn great swing mechanics
  • Develop muscle memory & balance
  • Works for right & left handed batters
  • Great for teaching fastpitch slap hitting

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  • Casting the hands/extending front arm
  • Excessive chopping at the ball
  • "Weak" hip rotation


How Our Instructo Swing Trainer Can Help You

The Instructo Swing allows you to consistently practice proper hitting mechanics by producing immediate feedback for an improper swing. It acts as a hitter's silent coach and its patented design allows hitters to develop the muscle memory and rotational hitting mechanics that lead to increased bat speed, balance, concentration and consistency. 

What JP Says about the Ultra InstructoSwing - The Newest Instructo Tee Swing Trainer

"The New Ultra Instructo Swing Batting Trainer encourages players of all ages & skill levels to develop a proper path to the ball and gives immediate positive or negative feedback so is particularly beneficial when there is no coach coaching supervision"! 

-Coach JP

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Choose Adult Or Youth Size Here Any
Age Range 9 and up
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor

The softball hitter's silent coach, the Ultra Instructo Swing teaches and reinforces proper hitting mechanics. Quickly learn to make better contact, reduce strikeouts and groove the perfect swing. Learn to be a switch hitter by using the Instructo Swing to develop swing mechanics from both sides of the plate.

  • Made of weather resistant materials
  • Lightweight and portable (31 pounds)
  • Quick and easy to assemble

Ideal for individuals, high schools, colleges, pro teams, leagues and camps, the Ultra Instructo Swing comes in one size and adjusts to almost all size player.

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