J-Band Resistance Training

  • J bands by Jaeger Sports
  • Used with Jobe exercises
  • Used with Throwers 10 exercises
  • Adult size for teens & older
  • Youth size great up to age 13+
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How Jaeger Bands aka J Bands Resistance Training Helps You

The best tubing for you to consistently exercise anywhere from home to ballpark. Simply clips on fence or door hinges so very portable resistance training tool for the health & strength of  today's fastpitch pitchers & position players. Builds your arm strength, using our J band perform Dr Jobe exercises also known as the Throwers 10 exercises. These10 tubing exercises work to strengthen all the muscle groups in arm & shoulder. These are the same exercises demonstrated in the New Volume  2 of the wildly popular Thrive on Throwing DVD.

Choose Your J Band Size & Now J Band Color

Available in youth strength, which are great for pre puberty ballplayers. The thicker, more resistant adult J bands are best for stronger, older players; these are the same models used in Major League Baseball and seen in D1 fastpitch programs from UCLA Softball & Arizona Softball, just to name a few. Now in black & pink too!

Additional Information

Area of Focus Arm Durability
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