Heater Combo Softball & Baseball Pitching Machine

Heater Combo Softball & Baseball Pitching Machine
  • Throws 9" baseballs PLUS 11" & 12" softballs 
  • Multiple uses...fly balls, grounders, batting practice
  • Perfect for travel teams...quick set up
  • An affordable, inexpensive "real ball pitching machine" 
  • Available with or without 12 Ball Auto Feeder
  • Save on balls when purchased with a pitching machine!
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The Heater pitching machine is the single most efficient entry-level pitching machine available. It is light and convenient, great for teams on a budget! It has lots of power and ability for such a small machine.

The Heater Combo model pitches baseballs up to 60 MPH and softballs up to 56 MPH. The machine can accurately throw a pitch from up to 60 feet. The pitching wheel has been upgraded from molded rubber to an air filled tire to improve pitch accuracy and reduce wear on the ball.

Optional Steel Auto Feeder

An optional auto ball feeder is great for solo players using this Heater Combo pitching machine. The combo auto feeder holds 12 baseballs or 9 softballs (11" or 12") and feeds balls at 12 second intervals.

What JP Says about the Heater Combo Softball & Baseball Pitching Machine

This machine is light, convenient and accurate. You cannot find more machine for its breakthrough price!  Very easy for a one person set up.  Though I don't use it for both sports, I like the extra velocity from the larger motor.

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Endorsements Little League Baseball
Maximum Pitching Speed 60 MPH
Pitch Type Fastball, Ground Ball, Fly Ball - Variable Speeds
Power Supply AC Plug in
Ball Capacity 9 Softball, 12 Baseball
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball and Baseball
Feeder Optional Auto Feeder

The Heater Combo: How It Works

Heater features

Why Use It?

All New Models Have an Air Filled Wheel

Heater air filled wheel

10" Air Filled Wheel

  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduced ball wear
  • Increases pitch speed
  • Fully enclosed for maximum safety (picture shown without wheel cover plate)

Notes: Both Coach JP and the manufacturer's warning labels strongly urge the use of machine pitch dimple balls with this machine. These are the seamless yellow balls you see being used at batting cages. They are the same size and weight as leather (seamed) balls. They fly straighter and last longer than leather balls, plus they are easier on player's hands and bats. We've got 'em. Order by the dozen, as many as you need.

The Heater Combo is a 110v plug-in pitching machine. It does not come in a rechargeable model, but you can use a generator or battery pack, which you can buy from places such as Sam's Club. Just make sure the generator/battery pack can handle 350-400 watts.

The Heater Combo will throw:

real leather baseballs softballs machine pitch dimple balls poly wiffle balls
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