Premium 5Mil Softball Safety Fence Cap

Teardrop Fence Cap Fence Guard
  • Very Easy Installation - Resists Vandalism
  • Best Visibility Fence Capping
  • Prevents Some Contact Injuries
  • Less Ship Cost - FREE w/ 6+ Boxes!
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  • Easiest Installation - 1 person
  • Tough Weatherproof Product
  • Great Visibility... Easy To See For Umpires, Coaches, Players & Fans
  • Really Dresses Up Your Baseball or Softball Field


How Our Youth League Fence Capping Can Help You

A youth fence capping serves a few purposes. Our fence toppers will help you to protect your outfielders from the various injuries such as scrapes, cuts and bruises from contact with the rigid top edge of a chain link fence. These fence shields also provide a visual cue allowing umpires to better define a homerun. Lastly, our fence capping will give your ball-park a polished and professional look, making it feel like a stadium!


  • 10 pieces per box
  • Each piece is 8' in length
  • 80' per box
  • Suggested for 220' fences max
  • Only available in yellow
  • 5 Year Warranty
What JP Says about the Premium 5Mil Softball Safety Fence Cap

Our Youth League Top Rail Fence Cap Will Save You A Bunch Of Money

The Big League version is taller, heavier and simply contains more raw material. But our Youth League Top Rail Fence Cap will save you a bunch of money for any field. It is best suited for smaller fields with Little League or youth league outfield fences of 200 to 225 feet maximum or programs on a budget!

Note - limited supply:
We really did buy the entire supply from the manufacturer. The boxes are a bit rough, but the price is right... after this 10,000 foot of stock is gone, so are these prices.

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Fence Cap Length 1box = 80ft.
In Stock
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Big League Safety Fence Cap
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