Steel Tamp for Field Maintenance

  • Steel tamp with optional canvas cover saves time on tamping wet, sticking dirt
  • Packs fill dirt around home plate & pitching mound
  • The last tamp you will ever need
  • Keep your batters box & mound opening day ready!
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All Steel Tamp for Field Maintenance
Canvas Cover
  • Covers a 12-inch square area
  • Double handle for increased compaction
  • Steel plate & handle won't break


How Our All Steel Tamp & Canvas Cover Can Help You

A double handle and large base makes for quick solutions to everyday chores. With a 48" steel handle and half-inch thick steel plate base, this tamp has great packing power for dirt areas around home plate and the pitcher's mound. Because the handle on this rugged all-steel model won't break, you'll never have to throw another tamp away.

Add our canvas cover and reduce the amount of wet clay that sticks to all tamps! Saves you time and aggravation when tamping wet, sticking clay, infield mix or dirt   Combo saves you $10!

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Tamp Area 12" x 12"
In Stock
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