Pitcher's Catcher Pitching Target

Pitcher's Catcher Throwing Target
  • 2-side reinforced target for RH/LH hitters
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated nylon - last years
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel frame
  • Angled design - No need for tiedowns
  • Large target & frame size: 75"H x 48"W
In Stock
  • Fast Assembly - No tools requiredDesigned by Hall of Famer Nolan RyanStrikezone Pouch Collects and Holds Any Size BallsPortable - only 30lbs.


The new Pitcher's Catcher is a great backyard pitch trainer that will easily teach the actual-size strike zone to young players. It features a two-sided target with a right and left-handed hitter and a pouch for a strike zone pitching target.

The Pitcher's Catcher's green canvas and powder coated 18 gauge galvanized steel frame is so tough it will last many seasons and stay outside year round. It's big enough to aim at, tough enough to last! A fun way to teach pitchers to throw strikes!

What JP Says about the Pitcher's Catcher Pitching Target

I had the original version of this product (it definitely has been improved) in my backyard when my son was a young player. We used it and had a lot of fun with it over those years and it only popped one of the connecting bands in all that time. More importantly, it gave me the idea to place many of our new training aids outdoors all year long to see how they handled the weather.

Our Canvas Catcher finally was given away when we moved and was till doing what it was built for, though it did get a bit ugly after 8 plus years. Bottom line is that you definitely will get your monies worth from our newest version of the original Canvas Catcher pitchers target.

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