Heater Junior Pitching Machine & Optional Xtender Batting Cage

  • Our best next level backyard pitching machine & batting cage packages
  • Plug & play (Easy 1 hr installation)
  • Uses any baseballs (real balls and lite balls)
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Xtender, 24'
Xtender, 30'
Xtender, 36'
Xtender, 48'
Xtender, 54'
Xtender, 60'
Xtender, 66'
Xtender, 72'
  • Our Next Level Baseball Pitching Machine & Free Auto Ball Feeder Throws Real Up To 48+ & Lite Balls To 62+ MPH
  • Our Xtender Batting Cages Are Simple 24', 30' & 36' Sections
  • Our Pro Style Yellow Dimple Balls Are Recommended


What JP Says about the Heater Junior Pitching Machine & Optional Xtender Batting Cage

Here's A Next Level Pitching Machine & Batting Cage Package For Those On A Budget!

The sooner they start swinging a lot, the longer you may see your player in the game! If your interest and price point are intersecting at these prices, do not hesitate. Buy the longest batting cage you can budget and that will fit in your backyard and click the buy button! These Heater Pitching Machines are priced in $100 increments and our Heater Jr. is one model up from our entry level Heater Base Hit.

Our Heater Baseball Pitching Machine is the next step and what i call our  "sweetspot"... It's only $100 more than this Heater Jr. and has a steel case & auto ball feeder with a lot more quality & velocity but if our Heater Jr. fits your budget, its your play! Click the buy button and we will deliver you thousands of swings for a good price!


Don't sweat the shorter lengths of these batting cages no matter the official pitching distances in your player's league. It's the thousands of quality swings that are going to make the ultimate difference from this purchase. Besides, these batting cages are called the Xtender and can be added on to when you are ready.

Additional Information

Age Range 10 and up
Warranty 1 Year
In Stock
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