TriplePlay Basic 3 Wheel Softball Pitching Machine | 30 - 65 MPH

  • 3 wheel model for tight spin & accuracy from 30-65 mph
  • Fastballs, curves, droop curves, sliders & sinkers
  • No power on your field - Optional 4 hr battery pack
  • See Our Video Below... You'll Buy!
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  • Throws 12" Game & Dimple Balls From 30-65 MPH
  • Includes Free Transport Wheels
  • Solid Made In USA Construction
  • Softball Model with game-like legs (27" high)
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Notes from the manufacturer:

THE THREE WHEEL ADVANTAGE (The Triple Play Basic Softball Pitching Machine)

Visibility. The softball is visible from the time it leaves the feeder’s hand. This allows the hitter to more naturally time the pitches.

Accuracy. TriplePlay Basic’s three-wheel is more accurate than two wheels because more gripping surface is put on the ball. 

Time. The three-wheel design requires significantly less movement of the throwing mechanism to produce different pitches so changing pitches takes less time.

Versatile & Easy to Transport. TriplePlay Basic moves easily to the field for batting & fielding practice - both groundballs & flyballs. Just lay it down and use the built-in transport wheels to push it across the field.

AC/DC Capability 
If you play on a field without electric power the TriplePlay Basic’s DC capability means you won’t need a noisy generator. Just plug in the optional External HD Battery Pack and pitch for over four hours before recharging. The External HD 
Battery Pack comes complete with its own internal battery charger that fully recharges the battery overnight. 

What JP Says about the TriplePlay Basic 3 Wheel Softball Pitching Machine | 30 - 65 MPH

You Are Going to Love 3 Wheel Pitching Machines!

Three rheostat knobs (think light dimmers) that control three speeds of three  motors which drive three wheels (that grab the softball better than traditional two wheel models!)

What this means to you is that balls are thrown with tighter spin and improved accuracy while needing less energy from each motor & wheel for longer life. It also means the motors recover faster so no waiting between pitches.

The smart design allows the batter to see the ball from the "pitcher" all the way through the process instead of disappearing between the wheels (which has always been an issue in that it can affect a batters timing...this creates a more game-like batting practice!

Additional Information

Age Range All Ages
Warranty 3 Year
Warranty Details Pro-Rated Factory Warranty
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