Bata 1 Curveball Pitching Machine - Baseball or Softball

  • Throws leather & machine pitch dimple balls
  • Compact enough for portable use (60 lbs.)
  • Easy to change pitch types
  • For batting practice, flyballs, & grounders
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  • 25-70 mph - Great For All Ages
  • Coach JP's Choice!
  • Throws Fastballs, Rh 7 Lh Curves


How Our Bata 1 Curveball Baseball or Softball Pitching Machine Can Help You

This is the first & best single wheel pitching machine capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, & sliders from BOTH left-handed & right-handed "pitchers." Light enough to truly be called portable, yet strong enough to run for years without maintenance. A breakthrough training aid!
What JP Says about the Bata 1 Curveball Pitching Machine - Baseball or Softball

Bata Pro is Our #1 Choice In Wheel Type Pitching Machines.

You'll save money and get the benefit of buying what pro baseball buys. Models range from perfect training aids for batting practice and Machine Pitch Leagues to Major League Baseball quality.

Better than Jugs, better than Atec, Bata is simply the best quality & priced pitching machines available!

And After 10 Yrs As A Dealer...I Still Think Bata is the best!

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Warranty Details Limited manufacturers warranty
Maximum Pitching Speed 70 MPH - Adjustable from 20mph - 70mph
Pitch Type Fast Ball, Curve Ball, & Sliders (Rh & Lh)
Power Supply AC Plug
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball or Baseball
Feeder Optional Auto Feeder


BATA machines have our unique Goodyear Rubber Soft-tread pitching wheels. The JUGS and some other off brands have pneumatic (air-filled) tires. Our Soft-Tread wheels are solid, with high tech die-cast flat faced treads, molded onto a machined aluminum core. The JUGS type tires have a convex (rounded) pitching surface, and are mounted on a standard stamped rim, like those used on trailers. The faster the JUGS wheel turns, the more convex it becomes, and perhaps less accurate.


BATA machines are constructed of welded solid steel plate. JUGS machines are constructed primarily of older style sand-castings. Solid steel is several times stronger than sand-castings, therefore we are able to make our machines much lighter (in weight), yet at the same time stronger. BATA machines weigh about 25% less than JUGS machines... and we feel they are stronger!


All our BATA pitching machines have steel plates in front of and behind the pitching wheels. JUGS pitching wheels are fully exposed. We also have heavy-duty steel plate in front of our motors to protect them from line-drive hits.

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