Bata 2 Pitching Machine - Softball, Baseball or Combo

  • Weighs only 98 lbs (50lbs lighter than others!)
  • Throws all types of pitches from 25-100 mph
  • Ideal for throwing grounders and flyballs too
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  • Game Softball & Dimple Softballs


Bata 2 Pitching Machine - Throws Softballs, Baseballs or a Combination Of The Two

The versatile Bata 2 Pitching Machine is the choice of more High school & College fastpitch programs every year. Capable of throwing any type of pitch, it’s maximum speed exceeds 100 miles per hour. The Bata 2 is the only machine with Soft-Tread Pitching Wheels, designed specifically for throwing real leather softballs. Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls.

What JP Says about the Bata 2 Pitching Machine - Softball, Baseball or Combo

The Bata brand is our #1 choice.

You'll save money and get the benefit of buying what youth leagues from Little League ages up through High School and even college fastpitch programs buy!  Models range from perfect training aids for batting practice and Machine Pitch Leagues to Major League Baseball quality.

Better than Jugs, better than Atec, Bata is simply the best quality & priced baseball pitching machine available!

Additional Information

Warranty 5 Year
Warranty Details Manufacturer limited warranty
Maximum Pitching Speed 105 MPH
Pitch Type All Pitches plus Grounders and Flyballs
Power Supply AC Plug 110v
Ball Capacity Holds 15 Softballs or 20 Baseballs
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball and Baseball
Feeder Optional Auto Feeder
Choose Your Remote Yes, Baseball

Bata 2 Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does a BATA II go?
A Ridiculous: 109 miles per hour; minimum: 20 miles per hour.
How do you adjust the speed?
The speed is electronically controlled. You adjust the speed by turning the dials.
What kinds of balls with it throw?
Leather balls, dimpled balls, and wiffleballs. Tennis balls can be thrown up to about 2/3 of the regular speeds.
What pitches will it throw?
The BATA II can throw any pitch that a real pitcher can pitch (fastball, curve, slider, knuckleball, etc.)
How do you make it throw different pitches?
Different pitches are thrown by altering the delivery angle of the wheels and by altering the speeds of the wheels. To throw a fastball, the wheels are normally positioned vertically (one over the other). The top wheel is set about 30 points slower than the bottom wheel, giving the pitch a backspin, which counteracts gravity and keeps the pitch from sinking. To throw a curve, the wheels may be positioned for an overhand, � or sidearm delivery. The top wheel is set about 2 to 3 times faster than the bottom wheel, giving the pitch forward spin, which makes the ball break.. THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE QUICK AND SIMPLE!
Can the machine throw grounders and flies?
Yes. The BATA II has a swivel base which allows you to throw grounders or flies to anywhere on the field. The two-motor design allows you to change the spin; backspin for flies, forward spin for grounders. ..THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE QUICK AND SIMPLE!
How do you convert it from baseball to softball?
There are three things that need to be done. The entire process takes about 5 - 10 minutes. The gap between the wheels must be widened by repositioning the motors. There are four bolts that hold each motor mount. The feed chute must be changed to the softball feed chute. Four bolts hold it in place. The legs may be changed from the baseball legs to the softball legs. ... THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE QUICK AND SIMPLE!
to transport it, do you roll it on the pitching wheels like a JUGS?
No. The BATA II has it's own built-in transport wheels. Never allow anything but baseballs or softballs to touch the wheels!
Why should I buy a BATA II instead of a JUGS?
The JUGS uses pneumatic tires for pitching wheels, which have a convex (rounded) surface. The BATA II has BATA's own Soft-Thread Pitching Wheels. The rim underneath the soft tread is concave, which has the same effect as a concave wheel. The BATA II throws more accurate, more consistent pitches It grabs onto more of the pitched ball!
The BATA II is easier to use. The JUGS has a ball-joint, which combines all of the adjustments into one. When you loosen the ball-joint to change one adjustment, you change all three, whether you want to or not. The BATA II has three separate joints, which work independently, making adjustments easy and effortless. .. THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE QUICK AND SIMPLE!
The BATA II weights about 40 pounds less than a JUGS. If you have ever set-up or moved a JUGS you know how much that extra 40 pounds really means. You won't "fight" with a BATA pitching machine.
All BATA machines can be converted from softball to baseball , or vice versa, at any time.
Why should I buy a BATA II instead of an ATEC Casey?
Bata II machines can throw right-handed and left-handed (by tilting the head). Most ATEC machines throw only right-handed.
BATA II machines have a swivel base, which allows you to throw grounders or flies anywhere on the field, and change the inside/outside aim without moving the legs of the machine. The ATEC machine has a rigid base, & doesn't swivel.. THE ADJUSTMENTS ARE QUICK AND SIMPLE!
The BATA II machine has a maximum speed of 109 miles per hour, compared to the ATEC's 92 mph. This may be most important for outfield and fly ball drills.
Who uses BATA II machines(The Big Names)?
The Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland A's, Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres, and Anaheim Angels profession organizations, as well as notable pros, former pros and coaches like Mike Hargrove, Robin Yount, and Damien Easley to name a few.
How long do the wheels last?
About 5 years for the average person or team. Yes they are replaceable.
Can I leave my machine outside?
No. These machines contain electronics. Water or moisture can damage the motors and speed controller. Over-exposure to direct sunlight may shorten the life of the wheels. We recommend building an enclosure (or at least a roof) over the machine if it is to be left in a batting cage. The machine must be stored so that moisture is not allowed to get to it. These machines are built tough but still require common - sense care.
If I have a problem, how do I get it fixed?
BATA machines are made so that each of the main components may be easily removed. If there is a problem, the customer should call BATA for instructions. We can usually diagnose a problem over the phone and offer a solution, which can usually be handled by the customer. If there is a major problem which cannot be easily diagnosed and fixed, the machine should be shipped to BATA for repairs. BATA may sometimes authorize local repair shops to perform the work.
In Stock
Price From: $2,029.00
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