Iron Mike C82 Pitching Machine

  • Fastpitch From 20 - 60 MPH!
  • Throws 20 11" or 12" Softballs
  • Throws Slowpitch Too!
  •   To Order Call 1800-487-7432
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  • The Most  Inexpensive & Portable Arm Style Pitching Machine!
  • Perfect for Backyard & Team Training
  • Weatherproof Construction...Will Last for Years
  • Throws Leather Synthetic And Dimple Softballs


  • Dimensions: 36" H x 20" W x 36" L
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Power: 115 volt AC motor
What JP Says about the Iron Mike C82 Pitching Machine

Please give our Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine a long look and consider it strongly before you make a decision... Here's why:

They really are not very complicated to set up, to use, to adjust and especially to maintain. There's not much to replace and what parts you might need are readily available and inexpensive. This pitching machine is meant to live outside, does not require extra auto feeders and throws consistent strikes without adjustment. I do suggest remote controls with most models and packages for single player use!

If you need  a pitching machine that will last for years, like the arm style and are on a budget then our C-82 is a great choice. And when the time comes to consider selling it, there always seems to be a local buyer.

If there is a downside to them it would be that they only throw a straight pitch. But consider this... The very first thing any successful hitter must do to stay in the game is to eliminate the pitchers best pitch, the  fastball! If you can't... you better be a pitcher!!

Additional Information

Shipping Note

Call 1-800-487-7432 for shipping information.

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details

Iron Mike Warranty

All Iron Mike machine motors are covered under a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Electronic circuit boards on the control system are warranted against component failure for 30 days after installation or a maximum of 60 days after shipment from the factory. The warranty on electronic circuit boards does not cover damage caused by severe electrical surges, electrical storms or accidental damage by servicing technicians.

Specifically excluded from automatic warranty replacement are pitching hands, pitching arms, power cables, and power springs (these inexpensive parts are always available).

Maximum Pitching Speed 60 MPH
Pitch Interval 6 seconds
Pitch Type Fastballs (from 20-60 mph)
Ball Capacity 25 Baseballs or 20 Softballs
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Softball or Baseball
Feeder Yes
In Stock
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