Zooka ZS740 Baseball Pitching Machine

  • Throws real baseballs from 10-65 mph at 60'
  • Over 500 pitches at 50 mph before battery needs recharging
  • Lightweight (30 lbs.) and easy to set up
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  • Digital speed readout of every pitch
  • Innovative patented technology
  • Battery powered for true portability

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Zooka pitching machines were designed with the youth player in mind and use the latest in technology to produce an accurately pitched ball. Fully portable and adjustable, you can take it from the backyard to the ballpark in a matter of minutes. No need for a generator as the Zooka has a capacity of 500 or more pitches at 50 MPH with the internal battery.

Using compressed air, the operator rolls a ball into the front of the Zooka. The machine detects the ball, pumps up to pressure, beeps and flashes a pitch alert, throws the ball, and displays the speed. A typical throw takes 2 to 5 seconds, depending on the power level. Balls can be "thrown" as fast as 65 MPH from 60 feet. This is truly the best made product for the price available in the Pitching Machine market

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details We've had 1 failure in 9 years!
Maximum Pitching Speed 65 MPH
Pitch Interval 6 seconds
Pitch Type Fast Ball, Ground Ball, Fly Ball
Power Supply Power Supply Internal Rechargeable Battery & Optional External Battery Pack
Choose Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Model Here Indoor or Outdoor
Sport Used Baseball
Feeder Optional Auto Feeder

Product Drills

Zooka Drills

Pop Fly Coverage

One of the more challenging coaching tasks is to provide a team with consistent pop fly balls that require converging fielders to correctly call the ball, clear out and back up each other properly.

Drills: Set the machine to shoot balls that land between fielders. Be sure to outline your communication system with your team prior. This is a key element to the success of the drill. You must teach your team who has priority over whom and specifically what they are to say when calling for the ball ("I got it"). Place a cone or marker at the players starting point so that it remains consistent through various repsLevel 1: Start with parallel positions, for instance, SS and 2B. This makes it easier and less chance for colliding.
Level 2: Utilize vertical positions, for instance, RF and 2B. The ball should land between the 2 positions and require the OF to call off the infielder. By making a keypad adjustment of + / - power, you can easily change the landing point of the ball so that the players do not know who is going to be catching the ball.
Level 3:Level 3: Utilize 3 positions, for instance, 2B, 1B and RF. Propel the ball so that it lands near the conversion point of the three players. This is highly effective for higher-level play. Again, changes in location can be made by simple +/- keypad adjustments.

Training and Fun Meter: Tremendous. This is one of the more difficult skills to work on when coaching.

Line Drive

Line drives are rarely mastered through drills. The Zooka affords that opportunity to players.

Drill: Establish a set starting point for player. Set the machine to throw the ball at the desired speed and location (to the left or right of the player). At the younger ages, be sure to keep velocity to a minimum.

Training and Fun Meter: Big time! Kids really like doing this. If you put some personal enthusiasm in place it helps too.

Fence Communication

Help players learn to communicate to a teammate who is approaching a wall when trying to catch a fly ball. Develop and teach your communication system to your players. This can be taught at most any age, but typically begins to creep into play around 11-years of age. An example of verbiage used is the "stoplight" system. Red means stop, yellow means OK, but proceed with caution, green means you have a lot of room.

Drill: Set the machine to shoot balls at or near the fence, warning track. Have one line that catches the ball, another line that only yells. Keep it simple by only having one line catch the ball. At higher levels, you can combine this communication with calling for the ball. Set the Zooka to place the ball in a variety of places, making adjustments with the keypad as needed.

Training and Fun Meter: At the high school level this is a necessity. At lower levels, it is a good concept to work on as an introductory skill.

Catcher Pop-ups

Drill: Place the Zooka at home Plate. Set the ball to land near the backstop fence.

Training and Fun Meter: Perhaps the least consistently practiced skill in baseball is catcher's pop fouls. It is nearly impossible to accurately repeat the same ball. Not anymore. Great drill. Catchers love this - at any level!

Range Finder

Help players at any position work on their range. Increasing incrementally the distance a ball is propelled means you can control the distance a player goes to get that ball.

Drill: Use a cone or marker to designate the starting point. Players may move once they hear the ball shot from the Zooka. Set the ball to land a fair distance away. Using the keypad or tripod direction knobs, make changes with each repetition. As you approach a specific players ultimate range, the keypad provides the quickest and most fine adjustment. This can be used for both fly balls and ground balls.

Training and Fun Meter: Loads of fun. Create a healthy, competitive environment at higher-level play. Push your athletes on each repitition.

Talent Evaluation

Drill: Using the Range Finder Drill concept, players can start from the same place. You can quickly learn player's differences in range, quickness and hand/eye coordination.

Training and Fun Meter: The same requirements for each player mean a truly fair drill. High marks here.

Pitch and Bunt location hitting

As with any skill, "practice makes perfect"

Drill: Set the Zooka up about 20 feet away from the batter (always wear a helmet). Put the ball at game simulated speed (at 30 feet, a 30 mph pitch is equivalent to a 60 foot, 60 mph pitch). Set the machine to throw pitches inside, outside, high or low. Working on specific pitch locations is very helpful to hitters. It is recommended that you use a dimpled "machine ball" for the greatest accuracy.

Training and Fun Meter Can you ever get enough bunting or batting practice? This keeps it fun and focused.

Game Situation Recreation

From a pure coaching standpoint, the Zooka allows for a ball to travel at the same speed, to the same place, time after time. Because of this, you can replicate any ball, any exact game situation; problem-solve and practice it over and over again. So your creativity is the only missing link toward even more drills and practical uses for this fabulous tool.

Hope this helps,
John Peter

All About Zooka Pitching Machines

Zooka Family

This Machine Throws:

  • baseballs


  • dimple balls

    Dimple Balls

  • tennis balls

    Tennis Balls


  • 100,000 pitches or 1 year

Safety Features

  • Password protected access
  • No external moving parts
  • No AC power or generator required
  • Compatible with tennis balls and some soft-core safety balls
father and son zooka

Set Up

  • Setup and take-down in less than 1 minute
  • Adjustable from 2 to 80 degrees elevation in less than 10 seconds
  • Suitable for use on grass, dirt, or asphalt surfaces

Size - Adult

  • Machine length 36 inches
  • Tripod length 43 inches (folded)
  • Weighs less than 30 pounds

Zooka Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Zooka throw real baseballs?

Yes. It throws regulations baseballs at speeds from 10 to 65+ MPH. It also throws many other types of balls

Is this machine safe?

Access to the machine is password protected. The machine is compatible with safety, soft-core, and tennis balls. It has no external moving parts. It can be shut down safely in the middle of a pitch by pressing any button on the keypad. It is powered by an internal 12 volt battery. No AC outlet, extension cord, or gasoline-powered generator is needed.

Does it require electricity?

The pitching machine is battery powered (cordless). It does not require an electrical plug-in to operate in the field. However, the user must plug it in to recharge after use.

How does the pitching machine work?

The operator places a ball on the front scoop of the machine and rolls it into the barrel. The machine detects the ball, pumps up to pressure, and throws the ball.

Does it throw regulations baseballs?

It will throw all regulation baseballs

What other types of balls does it throw?

In addition to real baseballs, the Zooka will throw safety baseballs, machine-pitch dimple balls, rubber sponge baseballs, soft-core baseballs and tennis balls.

How many pitches will it throw per charge?

The number of pitches varies with the speed and the weight of the ball. With real baseballs at 50 mph, the machine will throw over 500 pitches per charge. An external 12 volt battery can be used for extra capacity.

Would you recommend this unit for a youth machine-pitch league?

The Zooka Portable Pitching Machine is perfect for youth machine-pitch leagues. It is portable, accurate, and safe. It has provision for an additional external battery. Unlike other machines, it does not require extension cords or a generator at the playfield.

How do you know the speed of the pitch?

The Zooka measures and displays the speed of each pitch

How high does it throw ball?

It throws pop-ups over 12 stories high!

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery recharges to 80% of full charge within 6 hours, full charge overnight.

How do you know when the ball is being pitched?

When a ball is rolled into the machine, it pumps up to pressure for a few seconds and then throws the ball. Most batters quickly learn to anticipate the pitch. If necessary, the operator can help by synchronizing a throwing motion with each pitch.

What kids of pitches can it throw?

The machine throws fastballs and changeups at speeds from 10 to 65+ mph. The changeup mode randomly varies pitch speed to distribute pitches around the strike zone for game realistic pitching. The machine does not presently throw curveballs.

Who can use the Zooka?

The machine helps players of all ages to improve their hitting and fielding.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs 30 pounds, complete with tripod and internal battery. It is the lightest full-featured pitching machine available. It was designed for true portability and ease of use, anywhere you want to play.

How accurate is the Zooka?

It is very accurate. With real baseballs, pitches typically scatter within the strike zone. With machine-pitch dimple balls, pitches can be placed within a few inches.

Does it come with an auto feeder?

No, but an auto feeder is now available. It's easy to attach and holds 16 baseballs or 18 tennis balls.

Will it throw softballs?

This Zooka will not throw softballs. We are working on a softball model with comparable features.

How durable is the unit?

Our machine is designed and built to last. We use high-strength aluminum alloys for light weight structural elements and high-impact polycarbonate for the exterior housing.

How do I adjust the Zooka so that it hits the strike zone?

Our machine is designed and built to last. We use high-strength aluminum alloys for light weight structural elements and high-impact polycarbonate for the exterior housing.

What is included?

The Zooka pitching machine comes with a tripod, internal battery, and charger.

Can You use the Zooka for fielding practice?

Yes. The Zooka quickly adjusts for pop-ups, fly balls, line drives and outfield grounders. Because of its pinpoint accuracy and repeatability, it is ideal for a wide variety of fielding drills. Players rapidly gain skill through repetition.

What other prodcts or accessories are you going to offer?

We are currently looking at the following accessories/products:

  • External battery Now Available - Only $99!
  • Balls (balls that perform best in the Zooka) -$32.50 per dozen!

For information on any of the above call 1-800-487-7432 for details

Can you use this indoors?

Yes. We recommend that you use soft-core baseballs for indoor practice.

What is your warranty?

The machine is covered by a limited warranty for 12 months or 100,000 pitches. The battery warranty is for 6 months.

Where can I buy this pitching machine?

You can purchase it online at BaseballTips.com or toll-free at 1-800-487-7432.

How long does it take to set up the Zooka?

Setup takes less than one minute. No tools are required.

What do I do if I have a problem with the Zooka?

With proper care, the Zooka should give years of trouble-free use. Simple cleaning and battery charging after each use will prevent most problems. The Zooka has built-in self-diagnostics and displays error codes when error conditions occur. Users should then refer to the troubleshooting section of the owner's manual for advice on clearing common problems. A toll-free number is provided for your convenience.

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