Softball Bases, Pitching Plates, & Home Plates

Made of heavy-duty white molded rubber in the official sizes

From: $18.99

To: $49.95

The quick and easy way to get a quality pitching rubber installed on your pitching mound.
Price From: $19.90
Official size homeplate. Easy to install. Great for bullpens and backyards.
These are the traditional wood bottom homeplates with a top surface of classic hard rubber.
This rubber homeplate has a honeycomb bottom and is impervious to any weather or conditions.
Fungo on deck circles that are made of all-weather turf and are spike proof.
Price From: $279.00
This stance mat has permanent white turf batter box lines and a painted on home plate.
Price From: $329.00

Softball Turf, Pitching Mounds, Pitcher Plates and Rubbers

For the pitching mound, our softball rubber pitcher plate is a quality plate that installs quickly and easily. For heavier use fields, use the Pro 4 Way Pitcher Plate. Portable pitching plates include our Softball Pitching Mat. For the batter, use our portable Home Plate Stance Mat constructed of the highest quality turf available.

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