Premium Steel Dragmats for Infield & Base Paths

  • Pro steel construction for heavy use
  • Includes drag bar & pull rope
  • Handles all your infield grooming
  • Available in 6 Sizes & 2 Strengths
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Price From: $129.95
  • Click Here To See Our 6'6" W x 4' L Heavy Duty Drag Mat W/ Heavy Tow Bar & Chain
  • Click Here To See Our 6' W x 4' L Monster Drag Mat W/ Heaviest Mesh Tow Bar &  Connecting Rods
What JP Says about the Premium Steel Dragmats for Infield & Base Paths

Our tough mesh steel dragmats are available in all popular sizes for basepaths as well as  the wider full-infield versions.

These will snag less due to their crimped sides and straight angle-iron pull bar. Daily duty includes a tow rope for hand use but will easily hold up to gator or tractor power. Our Pro Duty models include heavier duty construction & materials, including the all important tow bar. Note that our 6’w x 4’l Monster Drag Mat is an upgraded heaviest mesh… and worth the investment! It will outlast anything I’ve seen for grooming your entire softball infield!

Additional Information

In Stock
Price From: $129.95
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