Pro T Pitcher's Screen & Optional Wheel Kit

  • Use for RH & LH pitchers without repositioning
  • 7' h x 11' w - 3' cutouts & hip & overhead protectors
  • Built in hip saver & slant roof head protector
  • Heavy frame & weatherproof #60 replaceable net
  • Optional heaviest #96 net & recommended wheel kit
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Price From: $419.00
What JP Says about the Pro T Pitcher's Screen & Optional Wheel Kit
Here's a creative pro pitchers screen that eliminates the problem of needing to constantly move your L screen everytime you change batting practice pitchers. It is large enough for most every pitcher and comes complete with our pro strength #60 weatherproof nylon net (replaceable) and options to include a #96 net and wheel kit for ease in moving on and off the field. Note the built in hip protector and slant roof head protector too!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
In Stock
Price From: $419.00
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