Radar Pitching Trainer Target with Radar Gun

  • Tough - Durable - Accurate to 99 MPH
  • For Backyard Baseball, Softball or Team
  • Uses D Cell Batteries
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Price From: $399.95
  • Its an accurate radar gun - I tested it against our Stalker Radar Gun
  • It's an umpire - Calls balls, strikes, strikeouts, walks & outs
  • It's a pitching chart - tracks pitch count, total balls, strikes, walks & outs
  • Galvanized frame arrives almost assembled!
  • Quickly folds flat for easy storage!

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The Radar Pitching Trainer Combines A Pitching Target With A Radar Gun!

In addition, it offers you a virtual umpire for simulated innings using one or two pitchers at a time!

Keep track of your pitching statistics during each practice including:pitcher trainer stats
balls & strikes, walks & strikeouts plus total pitchcount, total balls and total strikes in each bullpen or practice session. Use it at your official game distances for any age or league in baseball or in fastpitch softball.
The LCD electronic readout is large enough to read; its like watching the scoreboard. This radar gun, pitching target is perfect for coaches as well as players.

Whether you play Little League, Travel Baseball, Pro Baseball and of course, Fastpitch Softball, the Radar Pitching Trainer will help you improve your control and focus!

What JP Says about the Radar Pitching Trainer Target with Radar Gun

Newly Released Radar Pitching Trainer For All Age Players!

This very creative pitcher's training aid can do so much more for a pitcher than a bucket of balls and a target, and in some cases it's much superior to even using a live catcher!

Frees Up A Coach and Instills The Importance of Completing Every Pitch

I've never met an accomplished pitcher who didn't understand the importance of competing! Why would you ever want to settle for just making the team, just being a mop up pitcher, or being the 32 pitcher on your ballclub. Go get better. The concepts that this simple, tough, yet sophisticated piece of baseball training equipment will instill in any age or skill of pitcher is that every pitch counts, so every pitch needs to be thrown with all their focus and attention! And why will they do it?... because its fun!

Whether you need to work on getting your pitches down in the strikezone or cannot seem to pitch inside to the batters or even need to work on landing your breaking ball or change up (you will get crushed leaving that stuff up in the zone), this pitch trainer will get you the feedback you need to adjust and improve and remember, every pitcher can learn to be his own pitching coach. You just need the feedback.

Well, here's a great solution. Now, get the boss to loosen that wallet and go have some fun; lol!

--Coach JP

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Choose What Size Wrap Here Official Field Size 6" x 24"
Choose Adult Or Youth Size Here Any
In Stock
Price From: $399.95
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