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RevFire Improves Fastpitch Spin Rate & Velocity

RevFire Spin Rate Radar Gun For Softball
  • Pitchers Believe In Immediate Feedback - Here it Is!
  • Displays Speed & Spin Rate After Each Pitch
  • Easier To Use Than A Radar Gun 
  • Quickly Improves Your Rise, Drop & Screwball 
  • Simple To Use For Teaching Any Age

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  • Pitching Instructors Can Show Breaking Ball Progress To Pitchers & Parents
  • Coaches Use Monitor Anywhere Within 40 Feet Of The Catcher
  • Pitchers Won't Tense Up From Staring At A Radar Gun
  • Now Including Free Shipping

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Greater Spin - More Curve... That's Rev Fire

Fastpitch pitchers & hitters are familiar with the effect of spin on the
trajectory of a ball.  Scientists have studied the phenomenon &  mathematically                                                                                                                   described the effect. Added spin creates added curve, movement
rise, or drop.  It's about deceiving the hitter, but until the Rev Fire
few could measure it!

Greater Spin = More Curve; RevFire Shows Spin Rate & Velocity

What JP Says about the RevFire Improves Fastpitch Spin Rate & Velocity

We have used radar guns for years to prove how improved mechanics can improve velocity or develop more effective change ups. Without proof, players simply go back to what they are comfortable with… and as coaches, we just watch pitchers undo what’s good for them.

Dave Marinelli is one smart engineer who developed this revolutionary Rev Fire Spin and speed detector.
It quite simply shows in real time, how many revolutions per second your pitchers will throw and give any coach a more willing student…one who should easily buy into new ideas as they see the immediate results and improvement.

It is astounding how many Olympic teams, colleges and training facilities rave about this one of a kind fastpitch training product. It’s no gimic… That, I will guarantee!


"The RevFire, to me, is the single greatest piece of equipment to improve your pitcher's pitches.  VERY easy to 
use... I LOVE it!...a fantastic teaching tool.  For the first time in working with thousands of pitchers over the 
years, I was able to see  developing pitchers actually focus specifically on spin at release"
Cindy Bristow
- NFCA Hall of Fame
- Head Coach: New Mexico State, Wichita State, Florida Wahoos
- Renowned instructor and speaker at clinics around the world

“All of my 18 select pitchers can spin the riseball and curveball above 26 rps. I have 10 girls that spin the ball 
over 30 rps, and 4 girls that spin over 36 rps. I have increased the ball spin on all of my pitchers using your 
revfire.Your revfire has done wonders for all of my advanced students and I would recommend it to anyone as 
a training tool.”
Tim Timmons
- Pitching Coach
- Former Pitching Coach to Olympic Gold Medalist Pitcher Cat Osterman  

"As a top tier college recruiting event, the Elite Sports Recruiting Camp is always looking for ways to provide better data to college coaches to improve their decision making process when looking at college prospects.

RevFire is that new tool which not only provides this additional feedback for the college coaches but is instrumental in keeping Elite Sports on the leading edge of quality college recruiting. Elite Sports now uses the tool to help improve pitchers' pitch movement because we can now provide a definitive and tangible feedback for them to improve their game."

Paul Rose - Director, Elite Sports Showcase & Recruiting Camps

"I am a women's fastpitch instructor in Beckley, WV.  I talked to you over a year ago and purchased your 
revfire.  I must say it has made a difference in my pitcher's overall performance and their spins have 
increased tremendously."
Jerry Johnson
- Pitching Instructor, Beckley, West Virgina
- JerrysFastpitch.com

“This product is AMAZING. I believe that I am better now at age 24 then I ever have been. I love it and I have 
recommended it to others and they are getting better. I really love this product because it still makes you work 
hard. It gets you motivated to put in the work and not just rely on weighted balls, bunji bands or anything like 
that. It also makes you always step up to a new challege every time you practice.”
Meagan Denny
- Pro Fastpitch Xtreme Tour Pitcher
- 3 Time Big 12 Conference Pitcher of the Week
- U.S Junior National Team perfect game pitcher

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Details We have not had even 1 return!
Area of Focus Confidence, Muscle Memory, Pitch Command, Pitch Control

What You Get

  • Includes 2 RevFire 12” official size leather softballs w/ excellent grip
  • Rev Fire Digital Monitor – measures speed, spin and # of pitches thrown in a session & max spin thrown in session
  • Rev Fire Sports Bag with protected monitor compartment
  • AA Batteries
  • User Manual
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