How We Choose Our Softball Field Equipment and Field Maintenance Equipment

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What is softball field equipment and field maintenance equipment
and how we choose items for

Softball Field Equipment

Softball field equipment can be anything from pitching and baseball screens, portable mounds, foul poles, bleachers, aluminum benches or a turf halo you buy once in a lifetime, to items that occasionally wear out like custom size barrier nets or a pair of on-deck circles. Many of these items are also for use as baseball field equipment.

When Choosing Our Field Equipment, We Actually Visit the Factories
We know what quality looks like, we ask the right questions and visit factories where softball field equipment is actually made. FYI: (baseball field equipment is often similar or made in the same factories) and refreshingly, many of our products built for your softball diamond are actually made in USA!

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You can count on quality & click our buy buttons with trust & confidence but we are always available to discuss your projects. Call us toll free at 1 800 487 7432 (9-8 EST).

Softball Field Maintenance Equipment

Our line up of softball field maintenance equipment includes drag mats, rakes, tamps, tarps, covers, and groomers. Our maintenance equipment is geared for those in charge of maintaining one or more softball diamonds, keeping in mind that those with only one field may not have the budget to justify the field maintenance products that a parks department or recreation department must have and can justify. Many of these items are also for use as baseball field maintenance equipment.

We Offer Choices
The High School Fastpitch Coach may want a self contained infield groomer but only has the funds for high quality drag mats that can be pulled behind his gator or golf cart. No problem. We can & will help cut down on groundskeeper time. But for those with multiple fields, we will assist you in keeping away from the junk that’s out there… no one has too much budget to waste.

We carry the most popular products but not every brand offers the best in class or price ranges, so you will find honest recommendations and not just pictures from one brand. Our drag mats are manufactured in one place while our field covers, base covers & weighted tarps are actually built by two different manufacturers. Same goes for our dry line markers / chalk markers. When in doubt, you can always call us toll free at 1 800 487 7432 (9-8 EST).


Softball field equipment includes pitching mounds and portable mounds, baseball and pitching screens, foul poles and much more.
Softball field maintenance equipment includes groomers, rakes, tamps, drag mats, and field and base tarps and covers.