Softball 7' x 7' Softball Pitcher's Screen

  • Ideal for backyard or batting cage practice
  • Lightweight & easy to move
In Stock
  • Heavy #45 pillowcase 2 sided net
  • Protects pitching machines too
  • Black powder coating resists rust


Our new Softball Pitcher's Screen is good looking, simple to put together, and tough made. The screen is made up of 1 1/2" diameter 14 gauge 1.6 millimeter black powder-coated steel tubing. The heavyweight #45 gauge net is thick, double sided and UV protected for additional protection from the suns damaging rays! It should stand up well to hot summer sun and the constant abrasion from batted balls. This screen will outlast anything else you would find in this price range!



To extend the life of your screens, always store your netting and frames indoors during winter and off- seasons. Cold winter winds are actually very abrasive and will shorten the life of your net.

What JP Says about the Softball 7' x 7' Softball Pitcher's Screen

Our new Softball Pitcher's Protective screen is large enough for any size player and our cutout is low enough to the ground to accommodate your pitching machine too! It is light enough to be carried by two players during daily use on a ball field or in a gym. The net slips over the top of the frame in a pillowcase style so the heavy #45 gauge net is actually two nets - worth of protection

The offset and larger than normal-cutout allows both LH and RH pitchers to use the screen. Extra care should always be taken to finish your delivery behind the protective netted area!

Additional Information

Warranty 1 Year
Catch Net Height 7'
Catch Net Width 7'
Net Material Polyethylene
In Stock
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