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    Complete Radar Gun & Display Kit Perfect For Multiple Uses Great For Fundraisers Used in MLB Speed Pitch Booths

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  • Accurate Within 1 MPH - 10 to 99 MPH
  • Plug in or use batteries
  • You Save with Package Discount


The Sport Radar Gun & Radar Gun Display is the Most Inexpensive Complete Package on the Market!

The radar gun is accurate within 1 MPH up to 99 MPH (actually more) and simply plugs in to a wall socket or with square 9 volt batteries. It has a hands free operation as well as trigger mode, so perfect for all uses! Choose your display between the the red LED display that offers superior viewing from side angles and viewable up to 200 ft away or the LCD display, which is also good for up to 200 ft but is much easier to see in bright sunlight. Use it for various sports, including baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, etc. The included SR3600 radar gun is full featured, reliable & easy to use. Just point,pull the trigger and see the target speed displayed. Our advanced microprocessor calculates speeds just a few ft. of  the target.

What JP Says about the Sports Radar Kits

I've Seen Our Sport Radar Gun & Display in Minor League Ballparks All Over The Country!                                                                                                                                      Actually, The padres bought one just as I was writing this so yes, MLB uses it in its stadiums as well. The radar gun is accurate and can be set up near the "pitcher" or behind the target in speed pitch booths. The display has a generous 25 ft length of cable (call us if you need more) that connects the radar gun with the table top display unit. I prefer the LCD display outdoors and the red LCD display for indoor. You can use batteries in both units; I prefer plugging the radargun into a wall socket with the included wall socket ac adapter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Its simple, accurate, complete and will last you many years or seasons regardless of your reason for purchase!

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What You Get

SR3600 Radar Gun 4" Display of your choice: DS400BL (LCD) or DL431-R (LED) WA-6VDC AC Adapter 25' RJ45 Cable Speed Tuning Fork Table Top Stand 1 Year Limited Warranty MADE IN THE USA
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